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Commercial Restoration project for 911 Restoration

Commercial Storage Solutions for Restoration

Learn more about how PODS helped 911 Restoration during a remediation project on a Bath and Body Works store.

911 Restoration

When a Bath and Body Works store location needed major restoration work after suffering water damage, 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas used PODS containers as an inventory storage solution to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

911 restoration PODS solutions

The Challenge: Storage During Water Remediation

A Bath and Body Works store in Conway, Arkansas had sustained water damage to its parquet floor after a period of soaking rain. L Brands, the parent corporate entity of Bath and Body Works stores, hired 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas for property remediation services at that store.

Hynes received the call on a Thursday. He had only until late Sunday to complete the restoration, which included removing and storing all the merchandise from the 2,100 square foot store. The store had to be fully operational on Monday.

911 Restoration of Central Arkansas needed a safe and reliable storage solution onsite that could hold the store's inventory while the restoration crew went to work. Equally important, since he had only a day's notice before starting the project, Hynes needed a storage solution delivered quickly.

PODS restoration solutions

The Results: Restored and Reopened

By delivering commercial-grade containers when and where they needed, PODS for Business helped 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas meet tight deadlines on deliverables. L Brands was so happy with the results of the remediation project that they employed Hynes for a similar project at a Bath and Body Works store in Searcy, Arkansas.

PODS' consistently reliable and on-time service has lead Hynes to partner with them whenever he needs storage solutions. Providing a safe and convenient location for valuable inventory, PODS proved to be a valuable component of the Bath and Body Works commercial establishment remediation project.

“PODS is my favorite vendor to work with. I love their model of doing business — they're very quick, accommodating and easy to work with. They think of the small things. The driver will call me 30 minutes before he arrives on location so I can plan accordingly. My rep also calls me two days after they pick the PODS back up to see how everything went. It really shows he cares."

— Chad Hynes, Owner, 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas

911 Restoration and PODS

The Solution: PODS Commercial-Grade Containers

PODS delivered two storage containers to the Bath and Body Works store in Conway, Arkansas with just a day's notice. On a Friday morning, around 30 Bath and Body Works employees moved all of the store's inventory into the PODS units, which were stored onsite.

911 Restoration of Central Arkansas scraped up all the parquet flooring and machined the concrete floor thoroughly to remove all traces of glue over 34 hours. Bath and Body Works employees moved the inventory back from the PODS containers into the store on Sunday. They reopened for business on Monday.

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“My PODS rep invests in relationships. Even though he is located around 200 miles away, when I opened for business, he came and met me face-to-face and made an awesome connection. I really appreciated that. I can always rely on PODS to deliver."

— Chad Hynes, Owner, 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas

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