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Construction Storage Containers Rentals That Work

Construction jobsite storage concerns are reduced for construction companies and subcontractors who use PODS storage containers to increase efficiency, save time, reduce theft, and protect materials from weather.

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construction site storage containers

Our Construction Site Containers: 7', 12', And 16' Units For Rent

Whether your construction site storage needs are for a workbench and toolboxes, sheets of drywall or pallets of roofing shingles, there is a PODS construction storage container for rent to meet your construction site storage demands.

Choose from the following construction containers:
  • 7-foot container: 385 cubic feet of space for light storage needs, including tools and equipment.
  • 12-foot container: 689 cubic feet of space for moderate jobsite storage needs.
  • 16-foot container: 857 cubic feet of space for big jobs. Ask about our all-steel container for maximum durability and security.
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Put PODS Construction Site Storage Containers To Work For YOU

Construction Storage Containers On Site

Job Site Storage Solutions

No on-site construction storage need is too big or too small, and we deliver a sturdy, weather-resistant container you can load at your convenience. PODS construction site storage units are the convenient, flexible, and affordable solution for construction managers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, sheet metal workers, flooring installers, or anyone who makes a living in a construction trade. 
americas best customer service award 2019

Award-Winning Customer Service

We don't just promise great customer service, we deliver it. In a survey commissioned by Newsweek, PODS ranks #1 in customer service within the moving services category. Our highly trained Business Solutions Specialists understand construction logistics and work with you to determine your construction site requirements, from ground breaking to ribbon cutting. We'll match you with the right container for your storage needs - no matter the job. 

Construction Storage Containers: Rentals for Managing Projects

construction project management

Better Project Management

A leading reason contractors lose money on a job is a failure to adequately plan and manage projects. Renting a PODS construction storage container helps avoid having workers idle while they wait for inventory deliveries. You can also prevent the delivery costs that eat into profits with construction material storage on the job site.
secure material storage

Materials Always On Hand

Buy materials in bulk and use our sturdy, weather-resistant storage site containers on the job or store them securely at a PODS Storage Center near you. Plus, the ability to purchase materials at wholesale prices and keep them in stock in a PODS storage unit assures a consistency of the materials used.
flexible business solutions

Flexible Solutions

Using PODS at a location near you for construction site storage allows you to organize your project so that you have what you need, where you need it, and when you need it. Our construction storage units offer the flexibility to move containers between job sites, or to be kept at a secure, local PODS Storage Center, where they will stay safe until you need them again.
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Construction Storage Unit Rentals that Protect Materials

Job Site Storage Protection
Damage caused by the elements to construction materials can create major headaches for contractors. PODS construction storage containers offer secure, flexible, and convenient solutions to keep your inventory in peak condition.
Experience to Fit Your Needs
Put your trust in a best-in-class organization that has more than 20 years of experience working with professionals who want the job done right – professionals just like you. We work with you to meet your construction site storage requirements by providing a rental solution tailored to each build.
Control Material Costs
Why risk the cost of replacing materials and delaying work? Bringing a PODS construction storage container onto the jobsite can help you keep projects on schedule.
Commercial Construction Storage Container

Construction Storage Containers And Jobsite Security

PODS for Business Storage Container

All-Steel Commercial Containers

Contractors and construction companies looking for extra security should consider PODS all-steel construction storage units. These commercial construction storage containers provide an excellent level of security and keep valuable tools and equipment under lock and key on the construction job site.
Commercial Construction Storage Container

Safe from Start to Finish

Containers are delivered straight to you featuring strong, all-steel walls, pry-resistant hinges, and high security doors. When the job’s done, construction storage containers holding your equipment can be conveniently and safely stored at one of our 230 secure PODS Storage Centers.
Commercial Storage Container Handle Lock

Make Security a Priority

According to the National Equipment Register’s Annual Theft Report, tool, equipment, and material theft cost construction companies more than $1 billion in 2016. That doesn’t factor in the almost $400 million a year that construction companies incur each year due to lost work hours and penalties (or even lost contracts) for missing deadlines.
Commercial Storage Container Shackle Lock

Peace of Mind

PODS commercial construction storage container rentals offer peace of mind with added security features that make it extra difficult for thieves to steal your tools and equipment.
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*Commercial Container not available in all locations. Please call for more information.

On the Jobsite: Construction Storage Container Case Studies

PODS Business Solutions Specialists understand that every construction site storage situation is unique. They use their unparalleled construction industry experience to determine what you need and partner with you to get the job done. Want proof?

Construction Storage Container Rentals

Construction Storage Units At Work on The West Wing

The White House turned to PODS for construction storage container rentals during a renovation of the West Wing.  PODS stored items both securely and accessibly during a 17 day renovation that had to go off without a hitch. Not a typical job, PODS needed to pass very specific security requirements and provide 24/7 on-site access and ground-level loading and unloading for workers and staff. The project was a resounding success. “It was great working with a talented, skilled, and flexible group of people,” said David McClees, White House staffer and project manager.
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Warehouse Construction Storage Facility

Construction Storage Units for distribution

Gilman Electric Company, a full-line electrical distributor, posed a unique challenge for which a PODS Business Solutions Specialist devised a solution. The company needed to ship and store fragile lighting fixtures to a major grocery chain client that had multiple locations outside of Gilman’s physical territory. PODS was up to the task. First, a Business Solution Specialist handled all the shipping logistics and streamlined delivery for the customer. Then, using our market-leading hydraulic lift system, PODZILLA®, fixtures and other materials stayed level and safe from damage while in transit and during loading and unloading at construction job sites.
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