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Skip the rental truck and traditional movers. PODS portable containers are the flexible, convenient solution for your unique move. Get your free local moving quote today.

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This may take up to 30 seconds.

We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.

We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.


Portable storage containers make moving simple

Moving across town


Unlike other local moving companies, we can move you in a week, a month, or whenever you’re ready – you’re in control of your local moving schedule. Reschedule anytime if you need a few more days — or months.
PODS moving containers


Our portable containers include flexible storage options with every local move so you don’t have to stress about finding a place to keep your stuff if you need it. Keep your container at home or at a PODS secure, indoor storage facility near you. Just choose the Moving & Storage option when it’s time to get your PODS local moving quote.
Local moving containers

Fewer hassles and a lot less work

There’s no need to rent a truck and load and unload your stuff over and over again. We bring your portable container to you, and you only have to load and unload it one time – no matter how many times you move your stuff in or out of storage. Once your container is loaded for your local move, we’ll drive it where it needs to go, whether it’s your next home or one of our PODS Storage Centers.
Local moving help

As DIY or full-service as you need

You can do it all on your own (go, you!) or get help with packing and loading. Whether you want your whole house packed up and loaded into your container or you just want help with some heavy lifting, we can aid you in getting the amount of moving help you need. Please note that labor costs will not be included in your PODS local moving quote.

Unlike traditional local movers, we can handle any situation

Local moving relocation and transfers

Buy yourself some extra time

Who says you have to move everything in one day? If you’re remodeling before you move in or just want to take your time, built-in storage and flexible scheduling are just what you need. Our local moving services allow you to keep your container in your driveway and take your time loading and unloading – or let us store your stuff in one of our local secure indoor storage facilities until you’re ready.
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Flexible local moving

Between homes?

In a perfect world, your closing date and move-in date would line up perfectly. But in reality, moving is rarely that simple. We can deliver a container with your essentials to a temporary home and store the rest of your stuff at a secure PODS facility nearby, or we can store everything for you while you get cozy with the in-laws for a bit. Just tell us how many containers you need and we’ll include them in your free local moving quote. And, of course, once you’ve found a new place, let us know and we’ll deliver your containers to your next home.
Home staging before moving locally


Make your place its ready-to-sell best with portable storage containers. Clear your home of clutter and load it into a PODS portable storage unit in your driveway. We'll move it to one of our secure indoor Storage Centers until your home sells. When it's time to move, your PODS container will be pre-packed and ready, or we can bring it to you to load the rest of your stuff and then deliver everything to your new home.
Learn more about home staging
Moving and storage containers

Downsize or split up a household

Holding an estate sale or moving into a smaller home? PODS offers unlimited time and space, so you can keep a container in your driveway while you decide what to get rid of. Then, we can pick it up and bring it to a secure Storage Center, ship it to your kids, or both.

The right move if you need storage too

Local moving

We bring the storage to you

Moving is stressful enough without having to drive a big truck or pay for its gas. No need to rent a truck. We deliver the storage units to you. 
Moving container

Secure storage containers

Our sturdy, steel-frame, weather-resistant containers and secure indoor storage facilities are designed to keep your stuff protected so you can relax and focus on the other aspects of your move.
Moving locally

Storage rental options at your place or ours

Your PODS container comes with 30 days of storage. Keep your container in your driveway, or we can keep your storage units indoors at a PODS Storage Center and re-deliver it when and where you need it. 
Moving companies near me

Free, easy access to your stuff

Need to grab a few things out of your container at a Storage Center? Access your stuff as often as you’d like, for free. Make an appointment and we’ll have your container ready for you.
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PODS moving company

PODS portable storage containers vs. local moving with a rental truck

  • We do all the driving.
  • No need to worry about tight deadlines. Our containers are rented on a monthly basis, so you can take your time loading and unloading your container. 
  • You only have to load and unload your belongings one time, no matter how many times you need to move your stuff.
  • Remodeling before or after your move? Keep your stuff in your container during your project, and get 24-hour access to your items in your driveway.
  • Need storage as part of your move? You don’t have to rent a truck multiple times to schlep your stuff back and forth. Keep your container at your place for as long as you need, or we’ll drive it to one of our indoor storage facilities. Just choose the Moving & Storage option when requesting your free local moving quote.
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felix's moving and storage story

Moving across town


This guide explains what you can expect during every step of your move, including:

  • Getting an online estimate and reserving your container
  • Flexible scheduling and payment process
  • How container delivery and pick-up work
  • Packing and loading strategies from the pros
  • Easy storage and moving labor options
See Step-by-Step Moving Guide

The Right move

Lara R., Providence, RI

“Everything you said you would do, when you said you'd do it, at the price you quoted, was absolutely done as promised! After reading one nightmare after another from full service moving companies, I am so glad I went with PODS!”

M. M., Marina, CA

“I priced out traditional moving companies and they were all so expensive. I also needed a place to store things ... A traditional storage unit could have worked, but then I would have had to drive all of my things over there and my car just isn't big enough to get all of that done well. Having the [PODS container] right outside of the house was critical … so it was the perfect all-in-one for me.” 

Ronda W.S., Brighton, CO

"We've used moving companies in the past and we weren't happy with the experience. We needed a service that would allow us to move our belongings long distance, but that is more cost-effective and gives us the option of storing our belongings without having to unload and move the boxes numerous times.” 
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