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PODS long distance moving company

Long-Distance moving, simplified

We bring you a sturdy, steel-framed container. You load it, or have our referred pros do it for you. Then we pick it up and deliver it to your new home. It’s that easy.

This may take up to 30 seconds.

This may take up to 30 seconds.

We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.

We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.


How much does PODS cost?

Cost-effective and budget-friendly

Compared to full-service, long-distance moving companies and rental trucks, PODS is the best value for long distance moves when you consider what you’re getting. 
PODS moving company

No surprise fees

We don’t determine the cost of your move by the weight of your belongings, like many long-distance moving companies do, so there’s less likely to be a huge difference between your quote and your final bill. 
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Take your time

PODS rents our containers by the month, so you can take your time loading and unloading, eliminating the chaos of a house full of boxes, and sparing yourself a lot of long-distance moving stress. 
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How PODS long-distance moving and storage Works

PODS moving and storage

Get It & Load It

We deliver your container. Take all the time you need to load it. Want help? We can connect you with local packing and loading companies.

Sturdy moving container

Keep It

Choose on-site storage and keep your container on your property as long as you like for anytime access to your stuff.

Storage company

Store It

We can also pick up your loaded container and bring it to a local PODS Storage Center for safekeeping until you need it.

PODS moving company

Move It

We'll take care of driving your portable container to your new home, whether you're moving across town or across the country.


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Cross country moves


PODS portable containers are ideal for long-distance moves or moving across country for a job, especially if you haven't quite figured out your final housing. That's because storage is built into every move, so you can take your time finding a new place. 
PODS moving containers


PODS offers unlimited time and space, so you can keep a container in your driveway while you decide what to get rid of. Then, we can pick it up and bring it to a secure Storage Center, ship it to your kids, or both.
PODS before you move

Home staging

If you’re staging your home for sale before a long-distance move and need to reduce the clutter, you can always use a PODS container to store the things you don’t want. Once the house is sold, we’ll bring your container back so you can load the rest of your things. When you’re ready to go, we’ll move it all to your new place. Now that’s efficient! 
Learn more about home staging
Long distance moving services

Uncertain long-distance moves

Sure about your closing date but unsure about your move-in date? Then built-in storage and flexible scheduling are just what you need. Whether you need more time looking for a new home or are finishing up home renovations after a long-distance move, we'll deliver your essentials to a temporary apartment in your new city and store the rest at a secure Storage Center nearby

Safe, secure, and flexible long-distance moving

Long distance moving companies with storage

Your stuff won't get mixed up

Traditional long-distance moving companies will often transport several customers’ belongings in the same truck, increasing the possibility of mix-ups and lost items during transit. PODS containers are loaded by you, locked by you, and unlocked by you, eliminating these possibilities completely. 
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PODS Facility

No delivery address necessary

PODS is perfect for long-distance moves when you haven’t quite figured out where you’re going to live yet. Whether you’re starting a new job ASAP and still need time to look for a place, or your new home is being renovated before you move in, our built-in storage options make it easy to store your stuff with us until you’re ready for it. 
Learn more about PODS Storage Facilities
Long distance moves

Change of plans? No worries.

Long-distance moves can be complicated, and we understand that sometimes things can change. With PODS, it’s never a problem. We’re built to be flexible, so we can reschedule dates and destinations quickly and easily. 

long-distance relocation for a new job

Get ready to go with these moving resources

Stay on track with this week-by-week guide to making a successful move.


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Learn how to maximize space while protecting your belongings.


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The right move for long-distance moves

Nancy W., Spokane, WA

“I moved across the country and used PODS to store and move my belongings. PODS did an excellent job with every aspect of the move. I could not be happier with my experience! Each person I encountered, both on the phone and in person, was extremely professional and helpful. I will recommend PODS to anyone with moving and storage needs.” 

Lori Y., Bensenville, IL

“Ideal for long-distance moves. Good customer service.  Contents in good condition.”

Jason S., Dallas, TX

”Very easy overall. Competitive pricing with U-Haul and other moving companies for long-distance moves.” 
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PODS moving and storage

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