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Use our Container Size Chart and Moving and Storage Calculator to make sure you get all the space you need.

Container size chart

Nobody wants to pay for space they don’t use. But what’s even worse is discovering that you need more moving or storage space after you’ve loaded most of your stuff. This handy table uses the square footage of your home, and how heavily or lightly furnished it is, to approximate the container size or combo that’s best for your needs.

Remember that this container matrix is an estimate only. Larger items and how efficiently the container is loaded will significantly impact the required container size and quantity of containers. When considering square footage, remember to include any area that has items you'll be loading into the container, such as your patio, basement, garage, and attic. Please note that the 12-foot container is for in-town moving only. For longer distance moves, select the 16-foot container.

Moving and storage calculator

The right amount of container space can vary depending on how much stuff you have and the size of certain items. Our moving and storage calculator gives you a more accurate idea of which container or combo you’ll need. Be sure to include the contents of all rooms and spaces. Don't forget the garage, attic, basement, and closets. And remember, you can stack your belongings inside your container.

Please note this calculator isn’t optimized for mobile and is best used on a desktop computer.

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