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Indoor Storage Facility near me


Keeping your stuff at a PODS storage facility brings peace of mind without the clutter.
This may take up to 30 seconds.
This may take up to 30 seconds.
We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.
We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.


Indoor storage units

Secure Storage Facilities

Breathe easy knowing your stuff is out of the way at a secure storage facility nearby. Inside our facilities, your belongings have a “double layer” of security and protection.
Storage units

Easy access to your belongings

Need to access your stuff while it’s at a storage facility? Just call us to schedule a visit and we’ll have your storage container waiting for you. Or, you can have your container delivered when and where you need it.
Extend Control

We do all the driving

We bring the storage to you, delivering a sturdy, weather-resistant container to your home. When you're ready, we pick it up and drive it to the Storage Center after it’s loaded. No need to rent a huge truck.
Long distance move

Really, really portable storage units

With our huge nationwide network of storage facilities, if you decide to move across town or across the country, your portable storage unit can move with you. We do all the driving.
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How PODS Works

PODS moving and storage

Get It & Load It

We deliver your container. Take all the time you need to load it. And if you want help, we can connect you with packing and loading companies in your area.
Storage company

Store It

We'll pick up your loaded container and bring it to a local PODS storage facility, where it will be safe and secure until you need it again.

PODS moving company

Move It

Are you storing as part of a move? We'll take care of driving your PODS container to your new home, whether you're moving across town or across the country.
Keep your belongings safe and sound

Keep It

Unlike traditional self-storage units, you can choose to store your container on your property for as long as you like to enjoy easy, anytime access to your stuff.
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Storage units

Added Security

All PODS Storage Centers are closed to the general public and offer access by appointment only. We also lock down our facilities overnight for your round-the-clock peace of mind.
Indoor storage facilities

Protection from the elements

All our Storage Centers are indoor facilities, offering protection for your container from rain, snow and extreme temperatures. In fact, when you store your unit at a PODS Storage Center, you get a “double layer” of protection – the steel-framed container plus the facility building.
Indoor storage units

We do all the driving

We bring the storage to you, delivering a sturdy, weather-resistant container to your home, then pick it up and drive it to the Storage Center after it’s loaded. No need to rent a huge truck.
PODS moving company

Load once. Unload once.

With traditional storage facilities, you have to load your rental truck and unload it into the storage facility. To get your stuff out, you load a truck at the storage facility and unload it at your house. With PODS, you only load and unload once, saving yourself lots of time and heavy lifting.
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When to store With PODS Vs. a Self-Storage Unit

onsite home storage

During your Move

Store your things when you’ve sold this house but you’re still looking for the next. Or, if you’re in college or the military and move a lot, you can keep some stuff in storage until life becomes more settled. Just load your container and we’ll drive it to one of our secure Storage Centers for as long as you like. Store in your old city, your new city, or anywhere in between.
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Indoor Storage Unit

Downsizing or Decluttering

Downsizing your home or looking to get organized? PODS storage facilities are perfect for seasonal storage, including items like sporting equipment and holiday decor. You’ll always have easy access to your container with a phone call. 
extra storage for home staging

Home Staging

Easy storage at one of our facilities can help make your place its ready-to-sell best. Clear your home of clutter and load it into a PODS portable storage unit. We'll move it to one of our secure Storage Centers until your home sells. When it's time to move, your PODS container will be pre-packed and ready.
Storage company

Less effort, less stress.

Renting a typical storage unit usually means renting a truck, loading it, driving it to the storage unit, unloading it, then dropping off the truck. And when you’re ready to get your stuff out, you have to go through the whole process again in reverse.

With PODS, we bring the storage unit to you, give you all the time you need to load it, then we pick it up and take it to a PODS storage facility until you need it again. Then we bring it back. So you only load and unload once, and we do all the driving.
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No rush storage rentals

Moving stuff into storage can be chaotic sometimes, with boxes piling up in your house as you pack things up. But PODS gives you all the time you need to load your container, meaning you can load as you pack, so your house will be less cluttered and you will be more organized.
Store at your home
Commercial Shipping Container Storage Unit

Off-site Storage for your Business

When your business needs an off-site storage solution during a move or renovation, we've got the answer.

Business Storage Solutions
Storage units

PODS Storage Centers: what to expect

Want to know more about what it’s like to use a PODS Storage Center? This guide explains everything, so you can be prepared:

  • Getting an online quote and reserving your container

  • Preparing for container delivery

  • Smart loading strategies and options for hourly packing and loading labor

  • Easy access to your container and belongings

  • Planning final delivery and pick-up
See Step-by-Step Storage Facility Guide


Storage Facility Reviews

Patty M., Chapel Hill, NC

"A fixed storage unit would have required us to hire a mover four times (to pack and unpack a moving truck and again when we moved to our home). With a PODS container, we only had to pack the items in and out. A fantastic system and wonderful communication by your company."

Gabriele S., Largo, FL

“There were many positive aspects in my interaction with PODS, however having my things delivered in the same condition as when they were loaded stands out. There were absolutely no problems relative to damage, temperature related issues, or convenience of access.”

Robin F., Pompano Beach, FL

“I had to access my container several times while it was being stored at the Pompano Beach, Florida storage facility. Scheduling access was with ease and professional. The gentleman that ran the storage facility was very professional, accommodating, friendly, and extremely nice to deal with.”
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PODS locations in North America

We’ve got you (and the country) covered.

With storage facilities across North America, we can help you move across the country or across the street, and store anywhere in between. 
See All Storage Facilities

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