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Storage WarehouseWhen it comes to storage in the Hudson Valley area, look no further than PODS. With 2 convenient storage facilities in Valley Cottage and Cornwall, we’ve got your storage concerns wrapped up. Whether you’re moving down the street, or across the country, PODS will make sure you’re covered for all of your storage needs.

Organizing With Help From Storage

Got so much stuff that you’re not sure where to begin organizing? Take one room at a time. Go through everything, and put that stuff in a PODS portable storage container. Once you are done, we’ll come back and pick the container up and bring it to our secure storage facility until you’re ready for it to come back

New Construction or Home Remodel

Home construction and remodeling creates lots of dust, which is horrible for your belongings, electronics and furniture; not to mention, it takes tons of time to get everything cleaned up afterwards. Store everything in a PODS portable storage container ahead of time, and save yourself time and money.

Office Space Organization

There are items lying around your office that you only use once or twice a year. Things like seasonal decorations and event materials that are just taking up space. Why not store everything away for the year until you need it again? Don’t worry, we’ll still deliver directly to your office or you can leave the portable storage container right on the property.

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