Canada moving information

The subsequent sections will provide you, our valued customer, with information about moving to Canada from the United States, or from Canada to the U.S. Whenever a party moves between two countries, correct information and guidance are important components of a successful experience. PODS is pleased to provide this information to you via the content on this site. We have information on relocating to or from Canada, the necessary forms, advice on how to best prepare and execute your move, guidance on what restrictions the country destination has in place, and the process that the Customs agencies of the United States and Canada mandate in order for your goods to enter the respective country.

PODS is grateful you have chosen to utilize our PODS brand container when relocating to or from Canada. We are certain the choice of our service will provide you with both a cost effective move, and a well guided process to assure your personal effects clear Customs and arrive safe and secure at your chosen destination.

In addition, once your move is booked, a representative from the PODS Logistics Center will be in close contact with you to assist with each step of the move and to make sure all documentation is completed correctly and available to Customs and our international, cross border transportation division.

Moving to Canada from the United States can be stressful, and since Customs regulations are periodically revised, we encourage you to educate yourself with a variety of sources to ensure you are not caught off guard by any step in the process.

Moving to Canada

PODS also wants to advise you that for any international move, you must have proper immigration documentation and up-to-date personal identification for each party relocating to the new country. When you are moving to Canada from the United States, that is an integral part of the movement of your household effects. To be specific, PODS requires that any party moving internationally must have a valid Passport from either the country they are departing or the country to which they are moving. This means that the customer must have either a Canadian or USA Passport. The immigration officials in each country mandate that PODS provide a copy of the Passport when moving to the respective country. In addition, it is required that the name on the PODS account, the name on the list of contents, and the name on the Passport all must match. If there is any discrepancy, the Customs and Immigration officials will not allow our PODS fleet to enter the country with your PODS container(s). Please understand these procedures were not established by PODS. These procedures are mandated by each government (Canada and USA) to help secure the borders and monitor that people moving to the country are legally documented and cleared to enter.

We strongly recommend that you research the immigration requirements of the country to which you are relocating. If you are moving to the United States, you can learn about immigration requirements from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service ( If you are moving to Canada, a good source is Citizenship and Immigration Canada (