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Storage WarehouseLooking for storage in-between moves? PODS can help you with that as well. Load up the portable storage container only once, and when you are ready, we can move the container to the next destination or to one of our secure storage centers.

Organizing With a Portable Container

It doesn’t matter if you are just doing a home makeover or assembling a new home, the dirt and dust that is created from the project can cause problems for your stuff. Before the project begins, load all of your belongings into a PODS portable storage container, and when the project is complete bring it all back in to the house. You won’t even need to clean any of it.

Home Makeover or New Assembly

Preparing your home for sale? PODS storage containers are an easy solution for allowing people to see your home -- not what's in it -- allowing homes to show well and sell faster.

De-Cluttering Your Organization

A PODS portable storage container is perfect for your organization to put away some of the seasonal inventory that is gathered throughout the year. We can deliver a container to your door, you can load it up, and we can take it back to our secure storage center until you are ready to unload it next year.

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