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Storage WarehouseWith a traditional storage facility, you rent a truck, find a storage unit, take the time to pack up all of your belongings, drive to the storage facility, and unload everything. Then you have to return the truck, and there’s usually a strict window of time for all of this to happen. It’s a hassle and more stressful than storing your belongings should be.

With PODS, the storage container comes directly to you. All you focus on is packing and loading your belongings. If you don’t want to store the container on your property, give us a call and we’ll deliver it to our storage facility for you. When you need the items returned, we bring the container back to your home. This ability to store items for short or long time-frames is beneficial to students at Missouri State University here in Springfield. They can store furniture or other school-related items when they return home after the school year, and we will return them when classes start up again.

Reorganize Your Home

If you need to reclaim space in your Springfield-area home, whether it’s a guest room, your basement, your attic, your garage, or another area of your home, our portable storage containers offer a great solution. Store all of the clutter and unnecessary items in the container, either on your property or at our storage facility.

Protection During Re-Modeling

Construction and remodeling projects, no matter the size, get things dirty. Use a portable storage container to protect your furniture, electronics, and other personal items. This keeps the items better protected than drop cloths and plastic sheets, and helps make cleanup much simpler.

Storage for Your Greene County Office

Use a portable storage container to get your office space more organized. It’s an easy way to store your seasonal decor, document archives, and marketing materials. Pack the items and store them away safely until you need them again.

Outside Warehouse

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