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PODS Truck and HouseAt PODS, our moving services are designed to give you what you need, without the hassle of traditional moving companies. We’ll bring the container to you, and pick it up and take it to your new home for you, so all you have to worry about is packing and unpacking. There’s no need to worry about researching truck rentals.

Help with Packing and Loading

We understand how much time it can take to get all your belongings ready for a move. Even though you’re free to keep the portable storage container as long as you need to, we know you may have a set date to be out of your home. If you find yourself pressed for time and needing extra help to get everything finished, let us know. Our referral service can put you in touch with local professional packers and loaders who will help you.

Across North Carolina and Beyond

Whether you’re moving within Fayetteville or Cumberland County, somewhere in the Southeast, or across the country, PODS can help you. With our network of locations throughout the United States, we can get you there.

Prepare for Your Home Sale

Rent a portable storage container before your move so you can declutter your home. Not only will this give you a jumpstart on packing for the big moving day, it will also ensure your home looks spacious and clean, to be more inviting to potential buyers.

Ship Large, Bulky Items

Maybe you’re not completely moving out of your home, and you just want to send some furniture to your children? Load the items in the portable storage container, and let us know where to take it. We’ll deliver it to your loved ones, and give them all the time they need to unload it.

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