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Storage WarehouseWhether you need long or short-term storage, PODS can help. We’ll bring a portable storage container directly to your door. You can pack it at your leisure, and then when you’re ready, we’ll take it to our storage facility in Des Moines for you. If you only need short term storage, or just want the freedom to access the items whenever you need them, you also have the option to leave the container stored on your property until you’re done using it.

Reclaiming Space in Your Home

If your guest bedroom is starting to look more like a storage facility, use a portable storage container to sort, organize, and de-clutter. Put what you don’t need in storage, and whenever you’re ready, you can sort through it to determine what you want to keep, donate, throw away and recycle.

Protecting Items During Construction and Remodeling Projects

Why worry about how to protect your furniture, electronics, and other valuable items from the dirt, dust, and debris that will inevitably be flying around during a construction or remodeling project? Store your items in a portable storage container for the duration of the project to keep them safe, and make cleanup a bit easier.

Business Storage Solutions

If your office is so full of stuff it’s no longer a productive place for you to work, don’t worry. Our portable storage containers offer the extra space you need for common items such as: document archives, seasonal marketing and promotional materials, special event items, extra inventory and more. Store them on your property for quick and easy access, or let us bring the container back to you whenever you need something.

Outside Warehouse

Solutions for Iowa Students

PODS offers college students great options for moving and storage. Students attending University of Iowa, Drake University and Des Moines Area Community College but living off-campus can store furniture and other important school-related belongings with us between school years.

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