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PODS containers in my driveway

Step 4: Container delivery


We’re ready to deliver your pods container for loading

The night before your scheduled delivery date, we’ll send you an email. You’ll see it gives you a three-hour window for your delivery. The day of the delivery, you’ll get a call from your PODS driver when he’s on the way to your home. 

Is your information accurate?

Is everything in order? Just log into your account at MyAccount about a week before your scheduled delivery date to confirm your address, contact information, scheduled delivery date, and container placement instructions.

There's no need to be there for delivery

Save your paid time off for something else -- there's no need to take off from work to be present for your container delivery. If you're not sure where you want your container placed, however, it's a good idea to be there.

Permits in hand

If you need a permit or approval, show it to your PODS driver when he arrives, or send it prior to your delivery to your PODS Customer Care Associate before delivery.

PODZILLA® makes for easy container placement

How do we get the PODS container into your driveway? Our level lift machine comes off the PODS truck and works independently, placing your container exactly where it needs to be. If you haven't had a chance yet, be sure to check out our container placement requirements. Questions? Concerns? Call PODS Customer Care. Wondering whether or not to tip your driver? It's not expected, as delivering great service is our biggest reward.

No obstructions, please!

On the day of delivery, be sure to remove any low hanging trees or wires. Also move your car out of the driveway. This way, it’ll be “smooth sailing” once we arrive!

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