Smart State-to-State Moving with PODS

Moving out of state? Before PODS came along, you were at the mercy of a full-service mover or you had to deal with the hassle of driving a rental truck. When Moving Day came, you were given a single day to load and unload all your possessions. And if you needed storage, you had to haul your stuff back and forth to and from a self-storage facility.

The smart way to move

Thanks to PODS, there’s a smarter way to move out of the state – using a combination of moving and storage in one flexible solution. Since PODS portable storage containers are rented by the month, there’s no need to rush and get everything done in one day; you set the delivery and pick-up dates, so you can load and unload at your own pace.

We do the driving

With PODS, all the driving is included, so you don’t have to deal with the expenses that go along with renting a truck – such as the costs of fuel, late fees, tolls, and other hidden expenses – which can add up fast. You also don’t have to worry about driving a rental truck on unfamiliar roads or in inclement weather.

Built-in flexibility

Need more time? Unexpected changes? No problem. Unlike conventional state-to-state movers, we offer storage at any time during your move, and extending your container rental is as easy as a phone call. You can keep your container at your house or at one of our local Storage Centers. And you can forget the hassle of unloading and reloading your belongings into storage facilities; with PODS portable storage containers, you only load once, reducing the risk of damage to your belongings and saving you time and effort.

Run a quote today to learn more about using PODS for your state-to-state moving.