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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

The Best Way to Move Cross Country

Tips and tricks on finding the best way to move cross-country

Moving across the country? If you’re looking for the best way to tackle your cross-country move, there are a few options to consider.

Rental Truck Moving

Renting a truck to move long-distance used to be one of the only options available. Although driving a truck can be more affordable compared to a full-service moving company, there are several pitfalls to be aware of: 

  • There can be many hidden or unexpected costs to watch out for when renting a truck, including gas costs, food and lodging expenses during your trip, and late fees.
  • Driving a large truck long distance can be stressful. Not only are you in an unfamiliar vehicle, you’re also most likely driving in an unfamiliar place. You’ll also need to find a way to transport your own personal vehicle to your new city.
  • If you need temporary storage as part of your move, you’ll need to unload your possessions into a self-storage facility and reload them again later when your new home is ready. That means you’re moving your items twice for one move.

Full-Service Movers

Another traditional option for moving long-distance is a full-service moving company. Full-service movers can be convenient because they take care of loading, unloading, and transportation all in one service. However, there are some pitfalls to look out for:

  • Full-service moving lacks the flexibility required by most people who are moving far away. After all, moving rarely goes exactly as planned. For example, if there’s a change of plans, you may be forced to get a self-service storage unit to store your items temporarily. That can mean unloading and reloading all your belongings into a rental truck, increasing your likelihood of damage and adding stress to your move.
  • Full-service movers are known for their high claims rates. That’s because they unload and reload your items multiple times and place them on trucks with other people’s belongings, increasing the likelihood of damage and loss.
  • Although they can be a convenient option for people who don’t want to rent a truck, full-service moving companies can be costly.

The Smart Way to Move Long Distance

More and more people consider portable storage containers to be the best way to move across the country because of the flexibility and convenience they offer. By combining moving and storage into one solution, portable storage puts you in control over your move and reduces your stress.

At PODS, we bring your container to your property, and you can fill it on your schedule. We also take care of all the driving for you. In transition? Keep your container on your property or store it in a secure PODS Storage Center. Need more time? Extending your PODS container rental is as easy as a phone call.

Not only do our portable storage solutions give you greater flexibility, but PODS’ damage claims average less than 2% of our overall annual transactions, a much lower rate compared to the moving and storage industry as a whole. That’s because you only have to load and unload your container once, whether you end up needing storage or not.