PODS service updates in areas affected by the California wildfires and severe winter weather in the northeast.
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Keeping your stuff at a PODS storage facility brings peace of mind without the clutter.

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PODS locations in North America

We’ve got you (and the country) covered.

With Storage Centers across North America, we can help you move across the country, across the street, and store anywhere in between.
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When to store

onsite home storage

During your Move

Store your things when you've sold this house but you’re still looking for the next. Our storage facilities offer unlimited time and space. Store in your old city, your new city, or anywhere in between.
extra storage for home staging

Home Staging

Easy storage makes your place its ready-to-sell best. Clear your home of clutter and load it into a PODS portable storage unit. We'll move it to one of our secure Storage Centers until your home sells. When it's time to move, your PODS container will be pre-packed and ready.

storage for renovations

Downsizing or Renovating

Moving to a smaller place or updating your current one? Get things out of the way without getting rid of them.

Secure storage meets easy storage

Get all the space you need for as long as you like.
We do the driving
We bring your container, pick it up, and bring it back.
Load and unload once
No need to load, unload, reload, and re-unload.
Secure facilities
Our storage facilities are secure and private, which means you’re the only one getting to your things.
Secure Storage at a PODS Facility

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storage and moving truck

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