PODS in Medford Offers Everything You Need For Stress-Free Moving & Storage

We understand that transitioning from one space to another isn't always smooth sailing. But, whether you're moving nearby, remodeling your home, or searching for long-distance moving companies in Medford, PODS is your flexible and reliable MA moving and storage solution.

You're Ready to Move to Medford, MA

It's time to move to Medford, MA, the land of new beginnings, great work options, and exciting people. But you'd like to skip the burdensome moving difficulties associated with it. Moving companies, storage units, and not to mention, transferring utility services, if possible, to your new Medford location can be tiring. Whether you're moving close by or searching for long-distance moving companies in Medford, we're here to help. We believe in assisting you through life's stressful transitions, and we'd like to ease as many burdens as we can along the way. Moving supplies, packing options, and loading — we have you covered!

Why PODS is Your Best Option for Moving in Medford, MA

You have a lot of businesses to choose from when finding moving companies in Medford. So, you may be wondering what makes PODS different from the other folks. Not only is PODS the #1 most trusted brand in portable storage and moving, but we're committed to offering a worry-free moving experience. Start to finish, PODS is there for you: from unwavering autonomy in scheduling to letting you take your time with loading and unloading your container.

How PODS Provides Flexibility in Moving and Storage in Medford, MA

Massachusetts moving companies near you in Medford can be complex and uncompromising. But we provide the flexibility of at-home storage, inside storage, moving, or any combination of the three. Reserve your container and tell us where to deliver it. We'll drive to your home and set it down in your desired location, even if you're at work or running errands! And when your container has been placed, take as much time as you need loading personal items. We'll be there to pick it up when you're ready. And if you'd like a little help packing, loading, or fully utilizing your container's space, PODS can recommend packing and loading hourly labor in Medford.

Want to keep your belongings easily accessible? No problem! Store your PODS container on-site while you renovate, update, or sell your home. But if you'd prefer storing your unit off-site, we can move your fully-loaded PODS storage container to one of PODS' Medford storage facilities until you're ready for us to deliver it to your new home.

Forego those exhausting, stressful trips in rented moving trucks or strapping furniture haphazardly onto the bed of your friend's pick-up. Let us take the wheel, whether you're making a local Medford move, a coast-to-coast move, or a cross-country move from MA. And if you need to do a little moving and storing, go for it! Book as many containers as you'd like, and feel free to store the things you don't because PODS in Medford is here to help!

Don't Make a Move Without PODS in Medford, MA

PODS is more than just the storage units you see around the country. We've been assisting refurbishers, movers, career-changers, and those seeking a fresh start for more than two decades! That's moving and storage expertise. Whether you're looking for storage units in Medford or out-of-state moving support, PODS has the experience needed to get the job done. From our sturdy, reliable storage units and patented PODZILLA™ to our unyielding belief that you should control the process the entire way, PODS knows how to make your Medford, MA moving and storage transitions seamless. We don't just provide customer service — we deliver it, too. Get a quote today!


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How PODS Works

Portable storage unit being lifted by PODZILLA

Get it & load it

We deliver your container, and to ensure your safety, PODS is a contactless service so you don't need to meet your driver. Take your time loading on your schedule, right in your driveway. If you want help, your PODS personal moving and storage team will connect you with local packing and loading companies.

Storage unit in front of home

Keep it

At-home storage gives you the flexibility you need, whether you want easy storage just steps away, or you want to take your time packing and loading.

Portable storage unit with door open

Store it

If you need temporary storage, we'll pick up your loaded container and bring it to a local PODS Storage Center, where it will be safe, secure, and easily accessible until you need it again.

PODS moving and storage truck

Move it

We've got this, so you don't have to. We'll deliver your container to your new home, whether you're moving across town or across the country*. If you need to ship your car, we can connect you with one of our preferred car shipping providers who will arrange professional services in your area.

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Customer Reviews

Find Your Fit: Moving and Storage Container Size Options

  • Ideal for 3 to 4 rooms, or up to 1,200 sq. ft.**
  • About the length of a standard parking spot
  • Comparable to a 10'x15' storage unit or a 20' truck

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  • Perfect for a 500-800 sq. ft. space**
  • Great for packing away things from 2 or 3 rooms
  • Compare to a 10'x10' storage unit or 15' truck

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PODS portable storage container

8-Foot Container

  • Great for a studio or room of 500 sq. ft. or less**
  • A popular choice for college students
  • Comparable to a 5'x10' storage unit or 10' truck

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  • Exterior Dimensions: 16’ x 8’ x 8’**
  • 10,000 pound on-site capacity
  • 835’ cubic feet of space
  • Ideal for long-term projects and storing larger materials and equipment
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#1 moving and storage company of 2024

No one understands complex moves and home renovation projects like PODS. That’s why Move.org recognized PODS as this year’s best moving and storage container company*. From pay-as-you go pricing to changing your dates with ease, our flexible and convenient solutions were designed with you in mind.
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*Limited service areas may apply. Please call PODS for service availability.

**Container sizes are for guidance only and may vary slightly. Dimensions are based on exterior measurements.

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