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Storage WarehouseIf you need storage in Elk Ridge, Odenton, or anywhere else in the Baltimore area, let PODS take care of it for you.

Getting Organized

Let’s face it: space in any home is limited. When you’re organizing one room, you’ll end up filling another with items, and creating a mess as you go along. Keep it simple and use a PODS storage container to store items you don’t need while you’re working on organization. You can store the container on your property for easy access to your items, or you can have it delivered to one of our local storage facilities.

Restoration and New Construction Projects

If your home is being restored, or you’re finally building the garage of your dreams, you’ll need a safe place to store your belongings while the dirt, dust, and debris are stirred around. Plastic and drop cloths can provide basic protection, but won’t necessarily provide the protection you need. Instead of spending time and money on cleaning everything after the project is done, have a PODS storage container delivered to your home. Fill it with items you want to protect, and unload when the project is done. For longer term projects, we can deliver the storage container to one of our storage facilities and bring it back when you’re ready.

Commercial Storage Solutions

If your business is seemingly overrun by document archives, event materials, promotional items, and other things you don’t need every day, turn to a PODS storage container. Fill the portable storage container with items you only need on occasion, and call us. When you need the items back on site, we’ll bring it back.

Outside Warehouse

Accessing Your Container While In Storage

When you store your PODS container in our secure storage facility, you can access it if needed. Just give us a call in advance to schedule a time.

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