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Storage WarehousePODS is a great solution for both long- and short-term storage needs. Simply pack your belongings in the container, call us when you’re ready for us to pick it up, and don’t worry about it again until you’re ready for us to bring it back. Alternatively, we allow our storage containers to remain on your property, providing you an option other than a permanent storage shed.

Store Items You Don't Need Every Day

Feeling like your home is being overtaken with stuff? If you have items you want to keep but don’t need daily access to, like seasonal decor and sporting equipment, let PODS take them off your hands until you need them again. Whenever you’re ready, we can bring the container back to your home so you can grab what you need, when you need it. When you’re finished, you can have the container taken back to our storage facility.

De-clutter and Organize Your Home

Can’t remember the last time you saw your basement floor? Want to make room to park your car in the garage? PODS provide the extra space you need while sorting and reorganizing your home. Simply pack the extra stuff in the unit, and have it stored until you’re ready to sort through everything.

Keep Items Safe During Construction or Remodeling Projects

Let’s face it - construction and remodeling projects can get messy. Even if you are protecting your items with drop cloths and plastic, there’s still a good amount of dust, dirt, and debris that can make its way into your electronics and onto your upholstered items. Save yourself the hassle of extra clean up and store your items in one of our portable storage containers.

Outside Warehouse

Storage for Your Savannah River Area Business

PODS offers moving and storage solutions to businesses in the Savannah River Area, near the Georgia Medical Center and Fort Gordon. No matter how diligent you are about keeping your office area clean and organized, over time, things are bound to accumulate. PODS can help take care of the extra stuff, so you can reclaim the space you need in your conference room. Whether you need to store extra inventory, seasonal marketing and special event materials, holiday decor, or even document archives, PODS provides the perfect solution. Our storage containers can be stored on your property for easy access, or in our storage facility for long-term protection.


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