Build buzz & introduce new products with pop-up stores

Pop-ups are a key trend in retail, according to a 2017 report by commercial real-estate firm CBRE. The report suggests that short-term retail spaces are becoming increasingly sophisticated as companies look to bridge the gap between their brand’s presence online and in-person.

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Commercial landlords are more and more amenable to short leases, and pop-ups can be used not only to trial a retail idea but also as a cost-effective form of marketing.

Be inspired by Warby Parker’s school bus and Hermès’ laundromat

Take inspiration from online eyeglasses retailer Warby Parker, which has converted an old yellow school bus into a traveling store. Or take a que from Pantone, which has a seasonal pop-up cafe in Monaco serving multi-hued snacks to promote the company’s color identification system. Pop-ups work for the world’s biggest brands, too. Fashion giant Hermés‘ has created a traveling laundromat, where visitors can dip-dye vintage scarves. With its bright orange retro decor, the pop-up shop makes a perfect backdrop for Instagram snaps.

Tailor your pop-up to your goals and demographic

To decide if a pop-up shop works for you, you’ll first need a clear sense of your goals. Do you want to increase sales, boost brand recognition, or drive traffic to your website? Do you have excess stock you want to get rid of, or products that could sell well during a particular season? Are you looking to get feedback on new products, or to allow people to try out a new concept?

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Researching your target demographic and their habits will be the next step to start narrowing down what will work. Such insights can guide decisions, such as merchandising displays to the location of where your pop-store will be placed.

Pop-ups can work at any budget or company size

Bigger companies can lease their own store space in high-traffic areas and create unique, shareable experiences, while those with less funds but a big social following can get away with one-off events in out-of-the-way locations. If you’re a young startup, think about partnering with another store catering to a similar demographic.

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Or try a pop-up store in a shipping container for a low-cost, practical option that’s easy to transport and fits with a contemporary trend for industrial decor. Using a container as a mobile storefront is a great way to bring your products to your target audience, safely secure your merchandise after you’re done selling, and deal with overstock and seasonal inventory.

Pop-up store rentals during building renovations is also a solution helpful for brick-and-mortar businesses that do not have a website, since they can continue selling inventory while being temporarily displaced. Whether your usual retail space has to close doors for just a few weeks to even several months for remodeling or unexpected restorations, a pop-up container can be used as a temporary storefront to keep business running as usual.

Choose a reliable behind-the-scenes partner

Don’t forget to pay attention to the logistical details. PODS has experience delivering affordable storage and transport solutions for pop-up stores, and can even provide shipping containers emblazoned with your own company branding to use as storefronts.

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With a single phone call, you can order a sturdy, steel-framed container to be delivered wherever it’s needed. This can be filled at your leisure, or with the assistance of local contractors recommended by PODS, driven to where it’s needed next, or kept in a secure PODS Storage Center to access at a later time.

Build in flexibility for increased peace of mind

PODS containers come in three convenient sizes, all of which fit into a single parking space. Our patented detachable hydraulic lift system, PODZILLA, allows placement of containers in tough-to-reach and hard-to-fit locations, and minimizes any shifting of contents during loading and unloading. For total flexibility, your booking can be extended at a moment’s notice, and a single point-of-contact from our Business Solutions Team will be on-hand to guide you through the whole process.

With these logistics taken care of, by PODS you can focus on the big-picture goals. Learn more about how pop-up store solutions from PODS can serve your business.

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