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Discover why PODS containers are an ideal solution for retail businesses opening a pop-up shop to expand into new market opportunities.


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A Flexible Solution for Retailers

Take your merchandise and sell it where your customers gather with a pop-up shop in a PODS container. Pop-up stores are perfect for e-commerce retailers interested in getting their products physically in front of people for a low overhead cost, and brick-and-mortar retailers seeking to connect with new customers in other areas.
PODS container Pop up shop

Space for Short-Term Vendors

Pop-up stores provide the freedom to create a unique retail experience on a temporary basis, such as at a live event or a holiday market. Brands can generate buzz for a product launch, reach seasonal shoppers, or gauge the responsiveness of an untapped audience by establishing a pop-up shop at a non-permanent location.


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Protect Your Valuable Inventory On-Site

You can have peace of mind that your merchandise will be secure when left overnight by using a PODS container as a pop-up store. Our all-steel commercial container features high-security locks and steel walls so your inventory will stay safe when you aren’t there.
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Designed With Weather In Mind

Rain or shine, your products will stay protected when your pop-up shop is in a PODS container. All of our storage containers are steel-framed, and our all-steel commercial container has secure closure, back wall vents, anti-condensation ceiling coating, and a durable corrugated roof to keep merchandise is shielded from elements both inside and out.


Find a Location

Research customer communities, popular shopping holidays, and upcoming events related to your brand to lead the placement of where you establish your pop-up shop.

Determine Container Size

Consider the quantity of merchandise you project selling from your pop-up store to guide the container size or the amount of containers you need to support your goals.

Logistics Planning

Review which dates you will need to have your container delivered and removed from your pop-up shop site, and if it will need to be transported between any locations.

Increase Awareness

Spread the word by marketing your new location in advance, and by providing customer incentives to share their experience at your pop-up on social media.
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Operate on a Small Budget

A pop-up shop rental for a specified length of time on your terms is a low-cost solution for having a store compared to leasing a brick-and-mortar space.
PODS container pop up shop

Go Mobile with a Traveling Pop-Up

Take your pop-up shop on the go thanks to PODZILLA, our patented lift system that keeps containers level while being loaded and unloaded from PODS trucks between locations to keep your goods safe from damage.
PODS container pop up shop

Promote with a Container Wrap

Talk with your PODS Business Solutions Specialist for a container wrap to decorate the exterior of your pop-up shop that will promote your brand and personalize your container.

Retail Pop-up shop ideas

College Campuses
Showcase student work, sell creations at school events, or create a mobile bookstore by making a pop-up store in a PODS container. Pop-up shops are a convenient and low-cost solution for creating an accessible storefront at a temporary location.
Holiday Markets
Leverage the increase of shopping activity around the holidays by setting up a pop-up store at a holiday market. Put your consumers first by providing easy access to artisanal products, unique crafts, and other specialty goods in a pop-up shop.
Seasonal Celebrations
Take advantage of a busy a seasonal celebration event in your community with a pop-up shop. Whether it’s a summertime extravaganza or an autumn festival, you’ll get in front of customers who are ready to buy.
PODS container pop up shop

Special Event Pop-up Shop Ideas

Farmers Markets
Efficiently share your harvest by setting up a pop-up store at a farmers market. A pop-up store allows you to have a structure where you can arrange shelving and other displays to showcase your goods.
Food Festivals
Preparing food and feeding hungry customers on-site at a food festival has its challenges. With a pop-up, you can create an organized space where you can safely cook and serve food as if you're inside your own restaurant.
Live Events
From sporting events to concerts, bring your retail business to the crowds so you can sell merchandise or supplies that event goers need. Pop-ups provide an enclosed space to keep your inventory safe from theft, and room to perform transactions.
PODS container pop up shop

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