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Storage WarehouseWith PODS, you don’t have to stress over taking the time to call all the storage facilities in the Colorado Springs area, and you don’t have to worry about renting a truck. Call us and have a storage container delivered to your home. Pack and load it on your own time, and we’ll take it to the storage facility for you. Whenever you need something that’s in your container, call us, and we’ll deliver it again.

Store the Excess

Need to reclaim the space in your guest room, garage, or your basement? Take your time and sort through the clutter. Store the excess in the portable storage container. You can either store on your own property, or have us take it to our local storage facility. If you need to access something in the container, call us and we’ll deliver it back to your door.

Decluttering Your Home

No matter whether you’re doing spring cleaning, or a deep cleaning any other time of the year, a portable storage container can help you get the job done. Use the container to store items as you rearrange your home, and when it’s full of the items you no longer need access to every day, let us know. Alternatively, you can keep the container stored on your property in the Colorado Springs area.

Outside Warehouse

Protecting During Remodeling

Any Castle Rock construction or remodeling project will get a little messy. While you can use plastic and drop cloths to protect your belongings, this won’t provide a high level of protection from dust, dirt, and other debris. Store everything in the container until the project is complete and cleaned up. Then, bring everything back in and give us a call. Whether you leave the container on your property or have us take it to our storage facility is up to you.

Commercial Storage

PODS has your business storage needs covered. If you’re tired of having to find your desk or conference room because there’s so much stuff everywhere, let us help you. A portable storage container is a great way to store all those holiday decoration, special event marketing materials, and document archives.


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