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Sofia Rivera

18 Dos and Don’ts for Packing Portable Storage Containers

Storage Tips and Hacks Moving and Storage Container Guides

by Sofia Rivera Posted on March 25, 2024

Thinking of renting a portable storage container? Good call! Before you get loading, though, check out these 18 dos and don’ts about what can and can’t go in the containers and how to get the most out of them.

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12 of the Coolest (and Best) Chicago Neighborhoods You Need To Check Out Now

Chicago Illinois

by Sofia Rivera Posted on March 25, 2024

Chicago is the third-largest city in the U.S. by population, comprises no fewer than 77 neighborhoods, and encompasses 234 square miles of land. Needless to say, there’s a lot of Chicago to explore. But for newcomers, parsing all of the square mileage can be overwhelming. Where exactly are the coolest Chicago neighborhoods? And which one may be the best fit for you? Here are 12 that top our charts for cool neighborhoods in Chicago.

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15 Things To Know About Moving to and Living in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida Jacksonville

by Sofia Rivera Posted on March 25, 2024

Thinking about moving to Jacksonville, Florida? Its reputation for hot summers, picturesque shores, and sprawling geography might precede it, but there’s so much more to this beach-blessed city than meets the eye. Find out what you need to know about living in this city along the Atlantic.

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Go Ahead, Make the Move: Best States To Retire to in 2024

Moving Tips and Hacks Retirement

by Sofia Rivera Posted on March 22, 2024

As you think about shifting from work to play, you may be wondering what states rank as the best states for retirement. It’s only natural — this is the time in your life when you’re finally able to focus solely on yourself and move to a place you’ve dreamed about living in retirement. Take a look at what states made our top 10 list!

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11 Tips for Finding a Roommate Who Doesn’t Drive You Crazy

Moving Tips and Hacks

by Sofia Rivera Posted on March 13, 2024

Here are nine tips for finding a roommate who is financially reliable and whose habits and values align with your own. These are things you can discern from good questions, careful research, and smart timing.

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13 Things You Should Know About Living in Portland, Maine

Maine Portland ME

by Sofia Rivera Posted on March 7, 2024

From the cost of living to the housing market, school rankings to the weather, we’re taking a deep dive into what it’s like living in Portland, Maine. Jump in with us!

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Get Ready for PODZILLA, the Transformative Way To Lift PODS Containers

Moving and Storage Container Guides

by Sofia Rivera Posted on February 29, 2024

What is PODZILLA? And what do you need to do to prepare for its arrival? Whether you’ve already rented a PODS container or you’re considering booking in the future, get answers to some FAQs about our heavy-lifting capabilities here.

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Affordable Home Staging Tips to Transform Your Listing on a Budget

Remodeling and Renovation Tips

by Sofia Rivera Posted on January 31, 2024

Home staging is important, it’s strategic, and it can be a lot cheaper than you think. Plus, if you don’t stage your home, you’ll miss out on the 6-20% average bump in final sale price. At the end of the day, you don’t need any more expenses than necessary when you’re moving. Here’s how to stage a home on a budget.

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How To Pack Boxes for Moving

Packing Tips and Hacks

by Sofia Rivera Posted on January 10, 2024

Let’s face it. Packing up your home takes a whole lot of work. But with a little planning and the right tools, you’ll be able to pack more efficiently, keep your items safe, and smooth the way for unpacking once you get to your new home.

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How to Find the Best Moving Truck Rental for Your Needs

Long-Distance Moves

by Sofia Rivera Posted on January 2, 2024

Thinking about renting a truck to make your move? From figuring out the proper size to checking long-distance costs, these tips will help when you’re shopping for the best moving truck rental for you.

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