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Storage Warehouse No matter why you need storage in Albany or Eugene, PODS makes it simpler. There is no hassle of renting a truck, finding a storage facility, renting a storage unit, unloading the truck, and returning the truck within a certain amount of time. With PODS, a portable storage container will be delivered directly to your door and you can load it without any time constraint. When you’re ready, we will pick it up and take it to the storage facility for you. When you need the items returned, just give us a call and we’ll take it back to your address. If you need regular access to your belongings, you also have the option to store the container on your property.

Reclaim Your Space

We all have a tendency to pick up clutter through the years. Whether it’s a spare room, office, garage, or basement, a PODS storage container can help you reclaim your space. Move items you want to keep, but don’t need to regularly access, into the container. When you’re ready, we’ll come pick it up for you.

Help with Disaster Recovery

If your Corvallis home has been damaged by flood or fire, you need a safe, clean, space to store items as you clean up the mess. Once the repairs have been made and restoration is complete, you can bring the items back into your home. If the restoration project is going to take a while, we’ll store your container for you at our local storage facility.

Move Your College Student With Ease

Have a child attending the University of Oregon? Don’t want the hassle of moving everything in the apartment back home every semester? PODS can transport items you want shipped home, or we can store it in our storage facility. Then, when classes start again, you can have the container delivered to you for moving day.
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A Solution for Your Business Storage Needs

If you are overwhelmed by all the extra stuff in your office, consider using a portable storage container to safely and securely store all of the excess. If you need access to it regularly, our on-site storage allows you to keep the container for as long as you need it. If you are storing items you don’t need often, we can pick the container up and take it to our storage facility, and deliver it to you when you need it again.

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