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St. Petersburg FL

Scenes of St. Petersburg

All You Need to Know About Living in St. Petersburg, Florida


St. Pete, as the locals call it, is a gem on Florida's gulf coast with 240 days of sunshine and a waterfront that seems so stretch into infinity. But this city isn't just sun and surf; it's a hub of arts and culture, boasting attractions like the Salvador Dali Museum and the James Museum of Western Art. In fact, St. Pete has the most waterfront museums per square mile in the United States! The city' downtown pulses with energy, with a mix of quant boutiques, eateries, and a nightlife that dances 'til dawn. All of this without even mentioning some of Florida's best beaches!


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The Sunshine City: 9 Things to Know About Living in St. Petersburg, Florida

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by Kat Piccolo Posted on February 23, 2023

Whether you’re on the hunt for an artsy locale on the coast, vibrant nightlife, sugar-sand beaches, or a walkable city center — St. Petersburg, Florida, has it all. If you’re considering making the move to St. Petersburg, Florida, here are nine things you need to know first.

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More About St. Petersburg, FL


The PODS Blog covers everything you need to know about what it's really like to live in St. Pete. From learning what everyday life is to discovering the most livable neighborhoods -- like Historic Old Northeast, Snell Isle, and Historic Kenwood -- we have you covered. We also have a ton of resources on moving and storage and your best options for moving in the whole Tampa Bay area. Everything you need to have a successful move!