A woman is half buried in her closet as she pulls several pairs of shoes out in an attempt to organize her shoe storage.

Here Are the 20 Best Shoe Storage Ideas for 2024

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by LB Gabriel Posted on March 22, 2024

Shoes. They’re a permanent source of both joy and frustration in our lives. Whether they lead to a house killing your wicked witch sister or a missed opportunity with a charming prince, our relationship with footwear is full of mixed emotions and even fantastical lore. Sure, they can transform a boring outfit into a show-stopping ensemble, but if you get too many piled on your bedroom floor, they’ll quickly go from fun to hazardous — not to mention some may end up as dog toys along the way. If you’re ready to put an end to the madness, here are some of the best shoe storage ideas.

A white over-the-door hanging shoe organizer holds different types of shoes, keeping them neatly organized and off the floor.

An over-the-door shoe organizer is great for boot and sneaker storage.

Bedroom Shoe Storage Ideas

Tired of tripping over that lone tennis shoe as you make your way from the bed to the bathroom? Stumble no more. Enjoy clean floors and perfect pathways with a few simple shoe storage ideas that are perfect for bedrooms.

1. Use Hanging Shoe Storage.

One of our favorite shoe organizer ideas is to use a hanging shoe organizer for your everyday pairs. These come in different shapes and sizes, from rows of plastic bag-like containers to wire racks, and can be placed on your main bedroom door or inside closet doors. 

The best part about this type of storage system? You’re able to see your shoes every day, meaning you can quickly assess the pairs you grab frequently and identify those you never use anymore (hint hint: this means it’s time to purge them from your collection).

2. Make Your Furniture Do Double-Duty.

What are the best shoe storage ideas when you’re on a budget? Use what you already have! The trunk at the foot of your bed isn’t just a stylish choice — it also comes in handy when you need to store accessories like shoes discreetly. The same goes for pieces like hollow ottomans or coffee tables. Take a look around your home and think of creative ways you can get additional use out of your furniture. There are lots of functional furniture options for any style or aesthetic.

View of the side of a bed, featuring three pull-out drawers. The middle drawer is being used to store house slippers.

Low on floor space? Don’t forget that there are tidy ways to store shoes under your bed.

3. Take Advantage of Space Under the Bed.

Looking for shoe storage for small spaces? While it’s not a great idea to cram stuff under your bed, there is an acceptable way to make the most of this space with under-bed shoe storage options like these storage drawers and boxes from IKEA. This works especially well for out-of-season shoes or special pairs that don’t need to be easily accessible all the time.
How do you make easy DIY shoe storage? If you need to maximize your storage even more and are feeling crafty, consider making a DIY platform bed with small kitchen cabinets.
Q: How does Marie Kondo say to organize shoes?
When it comes to shoe storage, you can’t go wrong applying Marie Kondo’s signature advice: Keep just the pairs you love (i.e., the ones that “spark joy”). If you don’t know where to start, consider the last time the shoes were worn. If you didn’t wear them in the past year, this year likely isn’t going to be any different, and it’s time to say goodbye. (Plus, those six-inch stilettos aren’t podiatrist-approved, anyway.) Another tip from the organization expert? Keep like with like. That is, keep your shoes organized by type (sandals, boots, etc.). You can even go further and organize them by color, if you prefer.

A collection of clear, plastic shoe bins lined up and stacked with different types of shoes neatly organized inside. You can clearly see the shoes, and they appear to be easily accessible, making this one of the best ways to organize a shoe collection.

Stackable shoe storage options like these plastic bins keep everything in sight but out of the way.

Shoe Storage Ideas for the Garage

This part of your home may be a refuge for yard equipment and maybe a car or two, but your garage can do so much more when it comes to storage! If you like kicking off your muddy boots or grassy cleats before they touch the kitchen floor, here are some ways to prevent the dreaded messy shoe pile from growing by the back door.

4. Install Storage Cabinets.

Mount a few durable floor-to-ceiling vertical cabinets, and take your sneaker storage game to the next level. IKEA has options in various sizes with or without doors.

5. Use a Compartment-Style Shoe Organizer.

A cubby shoe organizer is a great way to easily stash footwear before you enter the house. Place it right by the back door, so the kids — and the adults — have no excuse to leave a mess on the floor. This 24-pair shoe storage option from Wayfair even has room for your boots!

6. Try a Shoe Tray.

If your family tends to only leave one or two pairs of shoes in the garage, a plastic shoe tray is perfect for dirty, sandy, or wet shoes. These are typically very affordable, like this shoe tray from Walmart, and you’ll love the absence of muddy tracks from your entryway.
Q: What is the best way to store expensive shoes?
Keeping expensive shoes in their original cardboard boxes sounds like the best shoe storage idea, but there are actually plenty of reasons why that’s not true. Think of it this way: You wear your shoes all around town (and who knows what you’re walking in), you bring them back home and immediately put them back in the cardboard box without cleaning them (because who does that?), and then you hop in the steamy shower in your bathroom next to the closet. All that moisture from your bathroom? And your trapped, dirty shoes in a cardboard box? That’s just begging for a mold situation. And, besides, don’t you want to see your beautiful shoes? For your very special pairs, store them in clear containers and toss those moisture-loving boxes to the curb!

A stylish entryway highlighting a bench that does double-duty as a shoe rack, along with a coat on a coat rack, umbrellas in an umbrella storage container, and a pillow on top of the bench.

This cute entryway bench does double-duty as a shoe rack.

Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas

Not everyone has a garage or mudroom for collecting dirty tennis shoes or gardening clogs. Instead of leaving shoes hanging by the back door, though, keep them protected from the elements with these waterproof outdoor shoe storage ideas.

7. Get a Storage Cabinet.

An outdoor storage cabinet, like this one from Wayfair, is great for tools, some gardening equipment, and your shoes. You can find options that are heavy-duty and able to stand up to anything, like that pesky sprinkler system. Put it on your patio or fit it right beside your back door to keep this storage option within reach but still fairly out of sight. 

8. Put Those Shoes on the Bench.

Ok, if you want to keep your shoes protected from the weather, you may not want to put them on a storage bench, but putting them inside is a great choice. Options like this one from Amazon that’s made of resin are tough and durable but still look nice outside of your home. Plus, you just added some extra seating!

View of one side of a mudroom, featuring hooks to hang coats and hats, a bench, and three baskets used for storing shoes.

Baskets and other shoe storage options keep your mudroom from getting too cluttered.

Entryway and Mudroom Shoe Storage Ideas

Much like the garage, it’s easy for shoes to collect in a pile near the front or back door. While it’s convenient to have shoes in an entryway, it doesn’t necessarily make the best first impression for visitors. Don’t worry — we won’t tell you to stop keeping shoes by the main entry points of your home. There’s no need to fight the inevitable if you have the right organizational system. Instead, consider these creative shoe storage ideas.

9. Opt for a Sleek New Cabinet.

If you think that shoe cabinets have to take away from your design aesthetic, think again. There are several higher-end options, like this one from Wayfair, that give you storage without sacrificing style. Some are even so discreet that it’s not abundantly clear that you’re using the piece for shoes.

10. Assign a Wicker Basket or Cute Bin to Each Family Member.

This one is great for sneaker storage because everyone in your family can toss their shoes into the appropriate receptacle. Bonus points for labeling each basket with everyone’s name. It’s the same concept as kicking them off by the front door, just with a bit of Pinterest flair.

11. Repurpose a Display Case.

If you’re not dealing with soiled sneakers and soggy rain boots, consider using a tall, thin cabinet as a shoe caddy. If your pairs are showroom-worthy, opt for glass-paneled doors. If they’re more mudroom than showroom, maybe go with a more discreet option.

12. Install Mounted Shoe Racks.

If your entryway has a small nook, install some shelving or copper piping for a makeshift shoe rack that’s functional and stylish. If there’s space underneath the staircase, a tiered shoe rack is a great way to use this space.

Q: What are some shoe organizer ideas for small spaces?
If you feel like your space can barely contain more than a coat rack, fear not: Ultra-slim cabinets take up less room than traditional shoe racks and tilt open instead of sliding, so they offer even more small-space functionality and efficiency. These also work well for other small spaces, such as coat closets. Also, if you have enough room, under-bed shoe storage solutions like these wheeled plastic boxes from Home Depot are a great way to store shoes without taking up floor space.

A woman organizing her high heels on shelves in her closet.

Show off your favorite stilettos on custom shoe shelves.

Shoe Storage Ideas for Your Closet

If you have a large master closet with shoes lining the baseboards, it’s time to make some organizational changes. Go big or go home, right? Oh wait, you’re already home, so here are the best shoe storage ideas for larger closet spaces.

13. Invest in a Closet Shoe Storage Organizer.

Wondering, “How do I maximize my shoe storage in my closet?” If you have enough square footage inside your closet, we recommend a shoe organizer like this four-tier option from Kohl’s. But what if a walk-in closet isn’t an option? How do you store shoes in a small space? Use a narrow, adjustable rack like this one from Amazon

14. Use Stacking Shoe Storage Bins.

If you have shoes you don’t wear often and want to keep in pristine condition, keep them in stackable shoe storage bins to ensure they stay dust-free. While this isn’t a feasible option for more than a few pairs, it’s a nice way to keep an expensive pair or two out of harm’s way.

Rough wooden cubbies with nine pairs of sneakers, sandals, and slippers neatly stored inside.

Have several different types and sizes of shoes? Try using shoe cubbies.

15. Get a Shoe Cabinet.

Use a shorter, open, cubby-like shoe cabinet for shoe storage. Either stack cabinets on top of one another to maximize the vertical space or use the cabinet top as a table for jewelry, hair accessories, perfume, and anything else you can think of. It’s practical and chic!

16. Don’t Call Susan Lazy.

A rotating shoe rack is a great way to keep your favorite pairs front and center. Once you get tired of them, just give your tray a little twist. These racks come in several sizes and are perfect for closet corners.

17. Install Shelves.

From DIY to luxury glam, there are a host of options for putting shelves in your closet. You can have a company create a customized plan for your closet or purchase some ready-made shelving at a home improvement store.

Pro Tip: When you’re finished with the shelves, display your pairs of shoes with one toe facing out and one heel facing out. It saves space (and looks cool).
Q: What’s the best way to store a lot of shoes?
There’s not one perfect way to store lots of pairs of shoes — that’s why we call them the best shoe storage ideas (plural) to ensure there’s something for everyone. It all depends on factors like how much space you have and how accessible your shoes need to be. Do you live in a studio apartment? You may prefer to make a DIY platform bed for under-bed shoe storage. Larger families with kids who typically drop their shoes (and everything else they’re lugging) right by the front door? You could definitely take advantage of a hanging shoe storage solution for the back of the nearby coat closet door or install closet shoe storage solutions like wire shoe racks. If you have lots of shoes you don’t wear often, try plastic bins for stackable shoe storage that can be kept in an attic or garage.

A trendy wood and copper clothing rack with several sweaters and jackets hanging up. There are matching purses and shoes displayed on the rack, as well.

Like to line up your outfits? Rolling clothing racks are a stylish way to stay organized.

Creative Shoe Storage Ideas

Looking for shoe storage ideas that are a little more out-of-the-(shoe)-box? Here’s some inspo that’ll get your creative juices flowing. Find the situation that’s right for you!

18. Keep Tabs on the Little Ones, Too.

Little feet have little shoes that won’t fit neatly on traditional racks and can get lost when thrown in with the adult pairs. For these tiny shoes, clear storage bins like these from Target make stackable shoe storage easy. Giving them their own space will keep them from getting smushed, lost, or forgotten. 

19. Plan Ahead.

Choosing your outfits for the week on a Sunday evening or Monday is a great time-saving hack. But where do you put the ensembles? A rolling clothes rack is a tidy way to showcase your selections, plus it offers additional shoe storage. Whether you’re getting ready for the work week or a vacation, this proactive step looks good on so many levels.

20. Show Off Your Luxe Collection.

If you have several highly coveted pairs of shoes and want to show them off, build a custom shoe display with lighting. If your closet already has shoe shelving, you can install vertical or horizontal LED lighting strips along the base of the shelves. Bonus points for adding a very small lift on each shelf row to tilt the shoes up slightly.

Close-up view of a set of short cabinets used to store shoes. The cabinet doors are all open and the shelves are overflowing with shoes. Several pairs of shoes are also on the floor.

Before you organize your shoes, get rid of the pairs you no longer want or need.

Now, Dig a Little Deeper.

Getting clever with shoe storage can make a world of difference, but what if the real problem isn’t so much “lack of storage” as it is “too much stuff”? The best way to have an organized home is to hold an overall heavy-duty decluttering session. The fewer items you’re working with, the easier it is to create and maintain order, no matter what storage ideas you want to implement.

Sure, it may seem overwhelming, but there are lots of great tips out there to help you decide what stays, what goes, and what should simply be packed away and stored until you need it. Need to spread out a little while you go through everything? Consider using a portable storage container. It can stay right in your driveway for as long as you need it, and it can be a wonderful tool for helping you categorize your things. After all, tackling your shoes may only be the start of your decluttering adventures — and give you just the right amount of momentum you need to tackle everything else!

Want more organization tips? From sorting through your kitchen stuff to having a successful garage sale, we have plenty of storage-specific tips and tricks to share with you on the PODS Blog.

LB Gabriel is a freelance writer who lives with her husband, daughter, and Golden Retriever in Memphis, TN. A frequent PODS Blog contributor, she's a sucker for any tip she can find on downsizing, cutting clutter, or minimalist living. When she's not on a deadline, you can find her on a tennis court or golf course.

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