Aerial view of the Harbor View residential district and a marina on the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland. The sun is about to set and it’s casting long shadows behind the buildings in the city.
The Connecticut state flag blowing in the wind at the top of a flag pole. Behind the flag is a range of mountains and the setting sun. The flag is blue with a white baroque shield that has three bunches of grapes on it. Below the shield is a banner with the state’s motto, “Qui Transtulit Sustinet,” which is Latin for “He who transplanted sustains.”
Aerial view of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, in the late afternoon. There’s a large brick building in the foreground and glass skyscrapers in the distance.
A pier on Long Island near Gantry Plaza State Park. Two large signs with the words “Long” and “Island” sit above the pier with illuminated skyscrapers rising up in the background. The sun has just set and the photo was taken as a time lapse, so the clouds above are reflecting some of the light from the city and seem to move in a blur.
Distant view of Manhattan over the Long Island neighborhoods of Old Mill Bassin, Flatlands, and Bergen Beach. It’s a cloudy, overcast day and there are dozens of boats docked in the marina in the foreground.
The state flag of Michigan is waving in the breeze at the top of a flag pole. In the distance, the sun is setting behind a range of mountains. The flag is blue with two stags and an eagle as well as a few banners with Latin text.