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How Much Does It Cost To Move Cross-Country? Guide to Long-Distance Moving Costs

Long-Distance Moves

by Liz Taylor Posted on March 26, 2024

Want to get an idea of how cross-country moving costs compare for traditional full-service movers, rental trucks, and portable containers? Read on to  find cost examples for long-distance moves from 1,000 to 3,000 miles and shorter moves from 100 to 500 miles. We also cover the factors that affect long-distance moving costs, plus pros and cons of the different options.

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Renting a Container for Moving, Storage, or Both? Top Tips From People Who’ve Done It

Moving and Storage Container Guides

by Liz Taylor Posted on March 22, 2024

If you’ve got a move or remodeling project coming up, you may be thinking about renting a container as part of your plan. To help you decide if a container is the best choice for you, read this roundup of tips and advice from people who’ve used them to move across the country, relocate for retirement, master a last-minute move, store furniture while remodeling, and more.

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Homeowner Shares Her #1 Hack and Other Top Tips for Replacing Floors Without Moving Out

Remodeling and Renovation Tips

by Liz Taylor Posted on December 12, 2023

You’ve selected the wood, got your estimates and picked the best contractor to replace your old flooring. Now what the heck are you going to do with all your furniture while the work is being done? This savvy homeowner shares how she did it with minimum disruption.

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A Local’s Guide to Living in Tampa: 14 Things You Need To Know Before Moving Here

Florida Tampa Bay

by Liz Taylor Posted on September 18, 2023

Thinking of moving to Tampa? As a lifelong resident of the area who’s lived on both sides of Tampa Bay, I don’t blame you. This area has so much to offer beyond the fabulous weather that it’s hard for me not to gush. But there are both great and not-so-great things about living in Tampa. So before you decide to join the steady stream of newcomers seeking sunshine and sandy beaches, sit back, grab a refreshing tropical drink, and read on to learn what life is really like in Tampa Bay — from the practical facts to the fun stuff.

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Easy Garage Gym Flooring Guide: Pros, Cons, & Installation Tips

Garage Remodeling

by Liz Taylor Posted on August 31, 2023

Trying to decide about flooring for your garage gym? Don’t sweat it. Use this simple guide to your main options, pros and cons, and tips for installation. Whether you’re building your dream home gym to get that ripped Aquaman or Wonder Woman look or you just need something basic to help you stay fit and flexible, we’ve got you covered.

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Smart Ways to Cut Storage Costs

Storage Tips and Hacks

by Liz Taylor Posted on January 6, 2023

Since storage is an extra monthly expense, you don’t want to waste money by spending more than you need to. Use these tips to get more storage space for less.

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Using Storage Containers for Moving Houses? Here are 12 Can’t-Miss Tips!

Moving and Storage Container Guides

by Liz Taylor Posted on September 21, 2022

Thanks to the flexibility of pack-yourself moving containers, Paul Tucker experienced his easiest cross-country move yet. And now he wants to share what he learned along the way with others who may be planning a major relocation. Read on for Paul’s tips for a successful container move.

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Guide to Best New York City Neighborhoods -- Borough by Borough

New York City New York State

by Liz Taylor Posted on March 24, 2021

With record-breaking rent declines and many more no-fee apartments available, this is the best time to be looking for a new NYC apartment in over a decade. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and save some time with our NYC neighborhood guides -- including videos and moving tips.

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7 Home Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Thousands in Repairs

Remodeling and Renovation Tips

by Liz Taylor Posted on January 27, 2021

Save yourself big bucks and even bigger hassles by taking care of these seven minor home maintenance tasks that will help prevent major repairs.

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Buying a Home During The Pandemic? Prepare for the unexpected before making a move

Real Estate Advice

by Liz Taylor Posted on January 26, 2021

If you’re buying or selling a home in 2021, the home-buying and moving process can pose extra challenges. Find out how to survive potential closing delays and other complications related to the crazy COVID-19 market with this first-hand advice from a recent home buyer.

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