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PODS serves families, individuals and even businesses in our communities in Richmond, VA. We provide portable storage containers to help facilitate your moves or meet your storage needs. Our PODS containers come in three sizes, and our valued customers can use more than one at a time, if their move or needs require it. When you call us, you always receive our best price, a reliable, durable PODS container for moving or storage and our customer service commitment to your satisfaction. When looking for moving companies, Richmond, VA, residents place their first- and last- call to PODS.

How does PODS work?

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We deliver the PODS® container to your door using our patented hydraulic lift system.

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You pack the PODS® container at your leisure.

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We pick up the PODS® container and deliver directly to your destination or to our secure PODS Storage Center.

3021 Vernon Rd
Richmond, VA 23228