PODS Secure storage facilities

Climate Controlled Storage

Keep your stuff safe, secure, and protected from the elements

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PODS Secure storage facilities

Climate controlled storage that fits your needs

PODS Storage Centers are clean, secure, and many are climate-controlled. Be sure to check with your PODS Customer Care Associate regarding the standards for your local facility. Although PODS containers can offer excellent protection for your belongings on your property, if you need to store your belongings for more than a few weeks, we recommend keeping your container at a PODS Storage Center for several reasons. Keep reading to learn why!
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Reduce the risk of damage by the elements

Long-term exposure to high humidity, peak summertime temperatures, or freezing temperatures can damage belongings. Indoor storage at a PODS Storage Center provides extra protection from extreme temperatures and humidity. Storing in our facility also reduces the risk of water damage and exposure to pollen and other contaminants.
PODS Secure storage facilities

Reduce the risk of theft and vandalism

Unlike conventional self-storage facilities, PODS Storage Centers are not open to the public. Access to your container is available by appointment only. And unlike warehouses used by full-service moving companies, only you have the key to your PODS container to access your belongings.

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