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The skyline of Naples, Florida, at sunset. There are colorful shops on the water surrounded by different greenery and shrubs. The sun peeks out of the top of the image.

Thinking of Retiring in Naples, Florida? Here’s Your 2024 Guide

Naples Retirement

by Kyle Reyes Posted on March 25, 2024

Thinking of retiring in Naples, Florida? You’re not alone. This small beach city, located in the southwest portion of the Sunshine State along the Gulf Coast, boasts many relaxing activities, state and national parks within close proximity, excellent food options, and a vibrant culture. Add that to Florida’s hot climate, and it’s easy to see why it’s a popular destination for retirees. 

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Sure, Florida has densely populated areas like Miami and Orlando that are always hopping. But Florida’s also a big state with many different communities and many beautiful natural areas where you can hike, bike, and more. There are countless amazing places to live in Florida, but when it comes to small luxury beachfront communities filled with golf courses, tennis courts, private beaches, and exceptional shopping, Naples is a top choice.

Why Do People Love Retiring in Naples, Florida?

What comes to mind when you think of Florida? Walt Disney World, perhaps, or the Everglades? While they can certainly be found there, Florida has much more to offer, as well. 

Naples, for example, is a high-end resort community that has an amazing shopping scene, is known as the “Golf Capital of the World,” and has dozens of easy beach access points. And there are several Naples, Florida, retirement communities to choose from, as well as lots of apartments and places to purchase. 

Interested in art? Naples scratches that itch, too. Galleries like East West Fine Art (displaying the European Masters) and KAJ Gallery (for contemporary abstract art) are great places to get in touch with the local art scene. 

And the Naples, Florida, retirement communities are perfect if you prefer to be social or get out and about on a regular basis. In fact, there’s so much to do around the city, a Naples, Florida, retirement will be anything but boring. 

Retiring in Naples, FL — FAQs

Q: Is Naples a good place to retire?
Yes, Naples is a great place to retire! With proximity to many beaches, parks, and delicious restaurants, Naples is a top choice for retirees. 

Q: Why is Naples, Florida, so expensive?
Naples is a resort town. While the cost of living is higher than the U.S. average, it is a result of the many modern amenities the city offers. There are countless high-end restaurants, for example, and many easily accessible tours, parks, and beaches. 

Q: Is Sarasota or Naples better?
Both of these places are excellent retirement locations, but Naples is better for people who want a relaxed, small-town atmosphere. Sarasota has almost three times the population of Naples. 

Q: What is the coldest month in Naples, FL?
January is the coldest month in Naples, FL, with an average temperature of 64°F.

An image of the beach in Naples, Florida. The sand is white and there are two chairs with people sitting in them in the distance. The sun sets into the clouds on the image’s horizon.  

Retiring in Naples, FL — Pros and Cons

There are many reasons why retiring in Naples, Florida, is a great choice, but it‘s important to consider the not-so-fabulous factors, as well. No place is perfect for everyone, but if you’ve considered both the pros and cons before making the move, you’ll know you’ve made a well-informed decision. 

Pro: Easy Beach Access

One of the great benefits of retiring in Naples is that you will always have easy beach access, as it has an almost 9-mile coastline with 40 beach access points. Places like the Barefoot Beach Preserve, Lowdermilk Park, and Keewaydin Island (only accessible by boat and the only dog-friendly beach in Naples) all offer unique vistas and experiences. And the majority of Naples, Florida, retirement communities all have walkable beach accesses, as well. The best part? There are dozens of beach access points within a 20-minute drive from just about anywhere in the city.

Con: High Cost of Living 

Unfortunately, living in Naples is expensive. It is a resort town that’s built around providing a high-class experience for tourists and locals alike. The cost of living in Naples is 13 percent higher than the national average, and many of the most exciting activities in the area have a high price tag. If you are financially comfortable with the cost of living, though, retiring in Naples, Florida, could be the right move for you. 

Pro: Lots of Exciting Activities

There is so much to do in and around Naples, FL. There are tons of local tours, for example — some through the ocean to see marine wildlife and others through rivers and state parks. Take a trip to the Naples Botanical Garden to see more than 100 acres of incredible flora. Sightseeing cruise more your style? You’ll find many incredible day cruises in the area that take you out into the Gulf. And that’s just a taste of all the excitement Naples has to offer!

Con: Hot Climate

There’s no getting around this one: Florida is hot. Temperatures are high for the majority of the year, and while you have a lovely, temperate winter, the heat soon returns. If you’re not interested in 70+ degree weather with highs well over 90 degrees, then retiring in Naples, Florida, may not be for you. Needless to say, the temperatures in Naples are not for the faint of heart. However, though it’s a negative for some, others love Florida’s hot weather! Shorts are in season year-round, there is plenty of sun to enjoy, and almost every day is a great beach day. 

Two pelicans sit on wood stumps on a beach in Naples, Florida.

Pro: Access to Nature and Wildlife

Retiring in Naples, Florida, is perfect for people who like to go out and explore their surroundings. Everglades National Park, for example, is an unbelievable national park that’s basically right out your back door. You can also visit Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park and Collier-Seminole State Park to enjoy guided tours or trails you can explore at your leisure. 

Con: Danger of Hurricanes 

Unfortunately, Naples is in danger of hurricanes. In fact, on average, Naples is hit by a tropical storm every three years and a major hurricane once every decade. Hurricanes and tropical storms have the potential to cause serious damage to the area, sometimes causing evacuations of the city. And although infrequent, heavy storms in Florida are frightening. It’s important to prepare for the occasion with an evacuation plan,emergency supplies, and safety precautions

Retiring in Naples, Florida vs. Other Florida Cities

Some of the best parts about living in Naples are the easy beach access and myriad daytime activities. There are also a lot of retirement communities and planned housing facilities that have loads of onsite amenities. But how does retiring in Naples compare to retiring in other cities in Florida? Let’s look at Sarasota and Fort Myers. 

Sarasota has museums, gardens, and amenities just like Naples, and it has amazing waterfront communities like Bay Village and Lakewood Ranch. Sarasota is also, on average, less expensive. In fact, Sarasota’s cost of living index is 105, whereas the cost of living index for Naples is 113 (100 is the national average). 

Fort Myers comes in as the least expensive Florida city of these three cities with a cost of living index of 104. It’s also on the Caloosahatchee River, so while there isn’t a lot of beach access, there are tons of river activities and outdoor amenities like golf courses, tennis courts, and parks.

If a lower cost of living is a top priority, you may want to check out these other cities. Expenses like housing are definitely more costly in Naples. But Naples also has a higher percentage of gourmet restaurants, luxury activities, and artisanal goods, as well as farmers' markets, art galleries, and yacht clubs — just to name a few perks. It’s important to weigh all of the pros and cons before making your final decision and consider which location best fits your personal lifestyle. 

How Much Money Do You Need To Retire in Naples, FL? 

MIT’s Living Wage Calculator estimates that an individual needs around $50,000 a year before taxes to live comfortably in Naples, but there are many factors that influence how much money you’ll need to retire there, of course. It’s important to remember that the cost of living, which includes housing, food, transportation, and other necessities, is 13 percent higher than the U.S. average. 

When it comes to taxes, Florida has a 6 percent sales tax and a max local sales tax of 2 percent. Fortunately, Naples only has a 6 percent total sales tax. And one of the significant benefits of retiring in Naples, Florida, is that pensions and retirement income are not taxed at the state or local level. In a similar vein, capital gains from investments and dividends are not taxed by the state of Florida. 

There are also tax exemptions for property owners who meet certain criteria, the most common of which is Florida’s homestead property tax exemption. The specifics vary, but this is available to every person who owns the property and makes it their permanent residence. These residents are eligible to receive a homestead exemption of up to $50,000.

A panoramic of Marco Island, Florida. You can see a marina with various types of boats as well as luxury homes. There is a bridge, and the sun is setting.

Marco Island, Florida

Best Places To Retire in and Around Naples, FL

So you’ve decided that retiring in Naples, Florida, is an excellent choice. But where exactly should you live in Naples? Although it is a small town, there are tons of amazing neighborhoods and housing plans with their own charm and mystique. Deciding where you want to retire in Naples is an important step in getting your dream home and community in the Sunshine State. Here are our top picks for the best places.

Pine Ridge, FL

Pine Ridge is a luxury community close to many of the great Naples beaches. This area has many amenities, including tennis courts, walking and biking paths, docks, and much more. Homeowners enjoy the white sand of beaches like Vanderbilt Beach, great places to eat like BrickTop’s (new American dishes) and Deep Lagoon (a seafood and fish market), and easy access to The Country Club of Naples

Pelican Bay, FL

This planned neighborhood gives residents premium waterfront living along the Gulf of Mexico and Clam Pass Park. There are beautiful places to walk, and there’s even an open-air, electric-powered tram that transports residents around the 2,300-acre neighborhood. Keeping with the vibe, the villas, condos, and single-family homes all provide a resort-like feel, complete with golf courses, tennis facilities, private beaches, and much more. This is also an area where the great majority (nearly 95 percent of people) own their homes. And since rental properties are so scarce, the rent is very high! 

Marco Island, FL

Marco Island is not known to have the most affordable retirement communities in Naples, Florida. With homes surrounded by well-manicured paths and man-made waterways, the homes on Marco Island appear to be fit for royalty. The luxury homes and condos are surrounded by beautiful landscaping, all with easy access to pristine beaches and docks for boats and yachts. 

This area is very close to the Third Street South Shopping District, as well, which is a cute marketplace filled with cafes, wineries, and even a resident Italian sandal maker who will make custom-sized sandals while you wait. Does it get any fancier than that?

Vineyards, FL

Rounding out our list of the best places to retire in Naples, Florida, is Vineyards, another luxury community that’s located north of Naples, right off of I-75. Filled with condos and single-family homes, Vineyards provides retirees access to private beaches, the Vineyards Country Club, and very close proximity to Lowdermilk Park, an excellent place to hike through Florida’s natural beauty. And just a short trip to Waterside Shops brings retirees to high-class restaurants and shopping. 

Naples, Florida, Retirement Communities

Want to go a step further? Retirement communities provide fantastic amenities specifically for retirees, including independent living with continuing care, assisted living, memory care, and more. There are many places around Naples that provide fantastic care, each with its own amenities, location benefits, and types of housing. Here are a few standouts.

The Glenview at Pelican Bay (Affordable)

  • Type of retirement community: Independent living with continuing care
  • Starting monthly rent: $3,650
  • Great for: Private beaches, amenities, onsite dining, beach dining

The Glenview at Pelican Bay is an independent-living retirement community that’s a fantastic choice for retirees who are interested in affordable retirement communities in Naples, Florida. There’s no entrance fee, rent prices start at $3,650, and it’s Florida’s only Equity Ownership LifeCare community. Another perk? If you want a trip outside of the Glenview, you can easily travel to Rhode’s End for a beachside restaurant experience. 

Beach House (Affordable)

  • Type of retirement community: Assisted living, memory care
  • Starting monthly rent: $1,550
  • Great for: Assisted Living, onsite activities, amenities

Beach House is one of the best affordable retirement communities in Naples, Florida, with lots of in-house amenities for its residents. Beach House residents can check out a calendar full of director-run activities, for example, or relax in community areas within the house. There’s also an onsite theater, as well as courtyards, walking trails, and a fantastic restaurant and bar. 

Residents can stop in Taco Lindo right down the road and enjoy quick travel to and from Naples Airport, as well. 

Moorings Park (Luxury)

  • Type of retirement community: Life Plan (continuing care) with independent and assisted-living options
  • Starting monthly rent: $800
  • Great for: Upscale amenities, onsite dining, active lifestyle, maintenance-free living

Moorings Park is one of the best luxury retirement communities in Naples, Florida. Spanning 83 acres of gardens, lakes, and preserves, Moorings Park offers residents a blend of luxury living, comprehensive healthcare, and a vibrant lifestyle, as well as a wide variety of residences — from charming one-bedroom homes to spacious 5,000-square-foot residences (or bigger). The community is designed around the principles of active and enriching retirement living, with upscale and casual dining options, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and a plethora of social activities.

Moorings Park's appeal extends beyond its gates, though, thanks to its convenient location in Naples. It’s close to restaurants and shopping centers and just 10 minutes from the beach. Top-rated restaurants in the area include Lake Park Diner, OPA Greek Restaurant, and M Waterfront Grille. And Coastland Center, Naples Plaza, and The Village Shops on Venetian Bay are just a few of the shopping centers nearby.

The Pineapple House (Luxury)

  • Type of retirement community: Assisted living, memory care
  • Starting monthly rent: $4,100
  • Great for: Premium care services, positive community, gourmet dining services

The Pineapple House is another one of the best luxury retirement communities in Naples, Florida. There’s an excellent Alzheimer’s ward with great staff, consistent daily programming, and a constant supply of healthy, gourmet meals for all residents to enjoy. 

This retirement community is also in the heart of Naples, so residents can easily check out the Naples Botanical Garden, the Naples Zoo, or the Forest Glen Golf & Country Club

A mature couple smiles as they sit in their golf cart. Their caddies with clubs are in the back of the cart. The course can be seen in the background.

Things To Do in Naples, Florida

You have to find things to do, now that you have six Saturdays and a Sunday each week, right? Here are some of our favorite Naples activities.

Naples Sightseeing Boat Tour

There are countless boat tours around Naples. Plenty to keep exploring new parts of Florida every time you go! This particular boat tour features a sightseeing cruise where the tour guide comments on the flora and fauna while telling funny and interesting stories about the area. Fun, huh? Boat tours are perfect for new arrivals and seasoned residents, always with something new around the corner. 

Tennis Courts and Golf Courses

It seems like tennis courts and golf courses are on every corner throughout Naples. There are many small parks around the residential areas that have tennis courts, and as you travel a bit further from the coast, you’ll find plenty of excellent golf courses to test your skills. And with over 100 golf courses within a 15-mile radius of Naples, it’s easy to see why the city is called the “Golf Capital of the World”!

Fine Dining

If one of your favorite pastimes is dining on exquisite cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. There are many amazing spots to enjoy a fancy meal, and others that have affordable and fast food. Check out spots like Osteria Tulia (rustic Italian cuisine) and Sea Salt (innovative seafood dishes made with fresh ingredients) to enjoy some of the finest seafood in Florida, or stop at SIMIT Fresh Mediterranean or Brooks Burgers (including a full bar) for food that’s fantastic in its own right. 

And in addition to the fantastic restaurants, there are amazing farmer’s markets in the area. The Third Street South Farmer’s Market, for example, pops up every Saturday from 7:30 to 11:30, supplying visitors with fresh produce, gourmet foods, coffees, flowers, and much more. 

Retiring in Naples, FL: Making the Move

When you’re ready to move to one of the best places in Florida to retire, enlist the help of PODS to get you there. Each move always comes with one month of free storage, so you can take your time packing and loading. And PODS can even give you suggestions for local packing and loading help to make moving into your new home that much easier.

Editor’s note: For ease of reading, monthly rental prices were rounded to the nearest $25 and home values were rounded to the nearest $100.

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