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Holiday parties are serious business. Companies today invest a lot in their employees to build a team culture, and a holiday party can play a key role. Consider that Yelp not only threw an après ski party, but they also sponsored a visit by hip-hop dancers dressed as lumberjacks, according to Business Insider. While the drinks are likely forgotten by June, dancers in flannel may linger in the collective memory.

And that matters. Financial guru Dave Ramsey says that businesses should budget for a holiday party as an investment in their team. Morale leads to an engaged and creative workforce. The event is an annual crowning achievement, where you present bonuses, review a year well done, and reward employees for their hard work.

But not all business can afford to bring in their own professional dance troupe. And many companies are rethinking their holiday bash in light of the #MeToo movement. As online trade publisher HR Dive notes, the notorious business party bad boy behavior of yesteryear, possibly driven by traditions like open bars, has come into question as more women speak out about uncomfortable situations they've faced — and firms are striving to tread carefully about what bacchanalia they may be inspiring.

There is a great middle ground between Silicon Valley blowout and nothing more than a pat on the back. For example, smaller businesses might opt for a cash bar, a luncheon instead of dinner (as The Balance suggests) or keep decorations, serving ware and lighting on hand for the annual celebration.

Bringing the party in-house can have its own challenges, but may be worth it in the end.

Planning the bash

When it comes to party planning of any sort, Pinterest ideas abound. Before you proceed, you'll have to decide what type of party you'd prefer. For a casual bash — perhaps potluck, or a catered lunch buffet — upscale plastic ware that can be tossed at the end may help. A few glass bowls can hold flowers, collect business cards for a prize drawing, or be filled with decorating items such as glass stones for a pop of color.

If you want to step it up, invest in dishes, glassware and utensils. Classic restaurant ware in off-white or white works with any theme and stays in style for years. Tablecloths in a neutral color also blend into a variety of styles. If you have room on-site and the inclination to invest in more, wine glasses, champagne flutes, mirrors and creative lighting can transform an otherwise bland meeting room. You might have holiday plates, serving utensils, and warming trays.

If you serve alcohol, you might have holiday glasses and bartending equipment that you use once a year. Extra tables and chairs, wreathes, table centerpieces, large, expensive holiday signs featuring your company's name — everything needs a home.

Businesses may also have team-building events during holiday parties, like karaoke, gift exchanges, or testimonials on a brightly lit stage or at a lectern.

Party in a Box, Delivered to You

Setting up more involved business holiday party takes time, right when you're likely facing your busiest season. Making employees haul party supplies loses valuable resources. And when the party ends, perhaps you'd rather spend the end of a party chatting with clients instead of packing up before the venue closes.

successful holiday party

You'll also need a place to store all of the party supplies. Some businesses may have space, but if you're in a shared workspace, built out to capacity already, or worried about breakables shattering in a back closet built to hold a pile of servers, not glass flutes and light bulbs.

PODS can carry some of that burden since our contianer can store your items off-site, at a secure PODS Storage Center. Those containers can be delivered to your party's location and unloaded easily thanks to the ground level opening. The container, which fits inside a standard parking space, can remain on-site until the party is over and the goods are stored backside.

Want to plan a socially-distanced party? See these best practices for hosting events during a pandemic here.

Our patented detachable hydraulic lift system, PODZILLA, will minimize any shifting of contents during loading and unloading, so contents remained organized and safe, awaiting your next soiree. If you have leftovers, from paper napkins to wreaths, you'll have room to store them and save money next year, instead of worrying about the fit in that back closet, or tossing them for lack of space.

This year, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, sit back, and let PODS handle the heavy lifting.

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