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A young couple moving boxes into their new home

Listen to Your Inner Moving Guru and Plan To Move Like a Pro

by PODS Posted on July 17, 2018

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re probably about to embark on a new journey. You could be fresh out of college moving for the first time, finally relocating for that dream job, or a thousand other great reasons (just for the fun of it?). Whatever the case, moving is tough. You’ll need something extra special to get you there. That extra something is called your inner moving-guru, and everyone has one to help them when they're planning to move. Here’s what yours is saying.

The Guru Says: Moving Takes Patience and Accepting the Unknown

Moving will test your patience. It involves a lot of organization with tight deadlines. Breathe and relax. Know it’ll get done. Planning and preparation can feel like an uphill battle, but it won’t last forever. Accept any and all help you can, and ask for moving advice from your parents and friends.

The Guru Says: Baby Steps Are Your Best Friend

Moving is a process! Tackle it in baby steps. Trust us — it’s less daunting that way. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of missing key moving deadlines and more money out of your pocket.

person writing a checklist for their move

The Guru Says: Start with the Logistics First

A vital step in planning your move is to figure out your last day in your home/apartment and the first day in your new place. Once you have these date sset in place, research and call moving companies to schedule dates far in advance. If you’re moving in the summer, give as much notice as possible. Moving companies can only offer booking subject to availability, and summer is the busiest time.

The same advice goes for your utilities and Internet/cable. Make sure to schedule these hookups in advance as well. Also be aware that most companies won’t do installs on weekends, so plan ahead for that. Moving into your new home without Internet would make your inner moving-guru very sad.

The Guru Says: You Can’t Do It All in a Day — or Even a Week

Many a mover has underestimated just how much work goes into packing and organizing. Your guru knows you’re smarter that, though! Start the leg work for your move roughly eight to six weeks before moving day. Just like before, baby steps and organization are the keys to a successful move.

Purging before you even get your moving boxes can help a lot. The less you have to pack, the quicker you’ll be ready to load! Donating is another great way to declutter and organize. Remember that what you use most often (like toiletries and kitchen supplies) should be packed last.

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The Guru Says: Moving Hacks Actually Make a Big Difference

If you Google “Moving Hacks,” you’ll get 102 million results. Yep, there’s that much information out there, much of it irrelevant. But your guru is here to tell you that moving hacks really work. There’s a reason so many bloggers and online publications invest time and energy into researching the best ways to move.

Throughout our blog, we’ve gathered some of the best hacks, from organizing and moving, to budgeting, the best way to pack for moving, meal-prepping and beyond. Poke around some more and you’ll surprise yourself with how much there is to learn.

Here are some of our favorite moving hacks (and your guru’s too):


  • Download organizing apps like Sortly to perfect your move from start to finish. Sortly lets you create moving checklists and inventory reports, which you can then export to share with others.
packing to move


  • Wrap your fragile items, like vases, glassware, and frames, in scarves and towels, or even socks to keep them secure and safe in their boxes.
  • Keep your clothes on hangers, but wrap them in a garbage bag. This way you can move them without leaving a trail of dresses and tops along your path.
  • Pack a bag/box with essentials for your first night. You do not want to go digging when you’re exhausted already from moving. Consider toilet paper, toiletries, clothes, your laptop and charger, and even some cleaning supplies.

Moving Day

  • Make sure to eat breakfast and drink plenty of water. You’ll be walking up and down stairs and lifting boxes.
  • When you get to your new place, unpack your essential bag/box first. This way you can use toilet paper, change into new clothes after a long day, and clean if the place needs it.
mac and cheese


  • Make a moving snacks bin with waters, granola bars, crackers, and dried fruits. And then devour them … but not too quickly.
  • Prep some oatmeal with almond milk and pre-packaged meals in the fridge a few days before. Store them in a cooler for quick meals while you’re unpacking.
  • One-pan cooking is your best friend until the rest of your kitchen can be unpacked. Try out these easy recipes for your first night in your new place!
  • No time for meal prep? Look into local eatery deals for new residents. Many times, apartment complexes and new neighborhoods provide a welcome packet of coupons for newcomers. Your guru gets hungry, too — take advantage!

The Guru Says: My Job Here Is Done

You’ve planned to move, packed, meal-prepped, organized, and moved into your new place. Or if not then, hey, at least you’re ready to start! Remember to stay focused and relaxed. This is an exciting new adventure. And as long as you’ve got your inner moving-guru on your side, anything is possible.

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