A recently retired woman is wearing a purple fleece as she happily hikes through rocky terrain near her new Nevada home. She’s also wearing gloves and using hiking sticks.

Thinking About a Change of Scenery? Here Are the Best Places To Retire in Nevada

Retirement Nevada

by Matt Lyons Posted on December 18, 2023

Choosing to retire in the “Sagebrush State” of Nevada is an experience, to say the least, as it’s home to some of the best entertainment in the world and a vibrant nightlife scene. But aside from the top-notch entertainment aspect, which mostly takes place along the Las Vegas Strip, many other living perks of Nevada tend to get overlooked — such as the picturesque natural beauty and diverse landscapes in areas such as the Great Basin National Park and Lake Tahoe. And although there is quite a younger population in certain parts of Nevada due to the vast entertainment scene, close to 17 percent of the population is still either 65 years of age or older. 

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Pros and Cons of Retiring in Nevada

One of the most obvious pros of retiring in Nevada is the access to a variety of great entertainment options, including access to casinos and other nightlife options throughout the state. You don’t need to live directly in Las Vegas to enjoy the fun either! Local festivals are very common among many of Nevada’s best communities. Along with getting to witness some of the country’s most breathtaking natural wonders, the outdoor hotspots in Nevada also offer the perfect space for outdoor recreation, including hiking, swimming, camping, and fishing. Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead are definitely favorite spots to visit among retirees living in Nevada.

Other Pros of Retiring in Nevada:

  • The weather in Nevada is best characterized by warm summers and cooler winters, and the temperatures decrease the more you travel northeast. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts retiring in Nevada will love access to popular ski resorts such as the Heavenly Resort.
  • While the cost of living index of 109.7 in Nevada is higher than the national average of 100, it’s still much cheaper to retire in Nevada than in other popular retirement destinations like California (149.9) and New York (City: 172.5; State: 121.5).
  • Nevada is very tax-friendly toward retirees, as there is no state income tax, so none of your retirement income will be taxed.

While living in Nevada may seem like a dream destination, it’s important to consider some cons to living in the state, as well. For instance, it's very populated with tourists all throughout the year. It can also be difficult to get around, and sometimes the summer heat may be a little too much to handle.

Places To Retire in Nevada – FAQs

Q: Is Nevada a good state for retirement?
Is Nevada a good state to retire in? Well, considering there is no tax on retirement income and there is always something fun to do both entertainment-wise and outdoors, we consider Nevada to be a fantastic spot for retirement!

Q: What are the pros and cons of retiring in Nevada?
The major pros of retiring in Nevada include the entertainment scene and local outdoor beauty. Some cons include high amounts of tourists in certain areas, bad traffic, and very hot summers. 

Q: Is Nevada or Arizona better for retirement?
: Since there is no tax on retirement income in Nevada versus a 2.55 percent state tax rate in Arizona, Nevada may be more of an affordable option for retirees. Nevada has many of the same amenities as Arizona, though, so it’s important to base this decision on your personal preferences.

Best Places To Retire in Nevada 

The best places to retire in Nevada typically offer the perfect combination of the state’s best perks, which include entertainment options, local outdoor beauty, and more. Here are our top 12 best places to retire in Nevada in 2024.

The view down Carson Street in Carson City, Nevada. The Saint Charles Hotel and The Fox Brewpub can be seen halfway down the street.

Carson City, Nevada

1. Carson City, NV

Another town situated close to Lake Tahoe in western Nevada, Carson City is just 30 miles south of Reno and has evolved from a small cattle ranch along the Carson River to a beautiful western metropolis. 

Downtown Carson City is where lots of the local fun occurs, which includes bars, restaurants, and a number of casinos. And while Lake Tahoe and some of the casinos may be the main local draws, the Nevada State Museum and the Nevada State Railroad Museum are some of Carson City’s most popular attractions. The Carson City Symphony and the Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company are the best places in the city to catch lively musical performances.

2. Incline Village, NV

Situated along the northeast edge of the breathtaking Lake Tahoe, the town of Incline Village is not only one of the most beautiful places in Nevada to retire, but it also ranks in the top 5 of Niche’s “Best Places to Retire in Nevada” list. 

Incline Village is known best for its upscale atmosphere, luxurious neighborhoods, abundant amenities, and plenty of outdoor activities. It’s also popular for its variety of restaurants, from Alibi Ale Works, with the best craft beer selection, to the classic old-school diner, Bertie’s Hot Chicken.

Residents have access to the peaceful and gorgeous Incline Beach, which includes Ski Beach, where you can launch a boat or take a peaceful picnic. Be sure to check out Sand Harbor and the rest of what Lake Tahoe Nevada State Parks have to offer in the way of outdoor adventures, as well, from hiking to fishing to just lounging on the beach.

3. Kingsbury, NV

Kingsbury is broken up into three different neighborhoods: Lower, Middle, and Upper Kingsbury. Each section of this town offers plenty of outdoor activities, such as golfing and skiing. Notable nearby places include Heavenly Resort and Edgewood Tahoe.

Just minutes away from Heavenly’s Boulder and Stagecoach lodges is the Upper Kingsbury neighborhood, in particular, with magnificent views of Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley. Some of the best homes in the Kingsbury region can actually be found in the Upper neighborhood, from small ranchers to alpine chalets to beautiful, large estates.

Distant view of Mesquite, Nevada, seen from across Highway I-15. Mesquite is a little oasis near the Arizona/Nevada border. The mountains in the distance, beyond the town, create a distinct silhouette against a bright sky.

Mesquite, Nevada

4. Mesquite, NV

Originally settled as a farming community, the town of Mesquite has since evolved into one of the most popular retirement towns that Las Vegas has to offer. It’s actually often seen as an alternative to living directly in Las Vegas, as the town offers a variety of live entertainment, casinos, strip malls, and more. 

One of the main reasons why Mesquite is so popular among the retired population is the large 55+ community presence, including at Sun City, which has a variety of single-family homes available that are ideal for retirees. Mesquite also hosts fun local events, including the Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival and Friends of Gold Butte.

5. Gardnerville, NV

Gardnerville is one of the best small towns in Nevada to retire, as it’s situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking, and swimming. A great variety of shops and restaurants can also be found in the downtown area of the town, such as the Meadowdale Shopping Center

Along with outdoor recreation and local shopping and dining experiences, Gardnerville offers a variety of fun social events, from farmers markets to art shows. Fun events around the holiday season, in particular, include the Candy Cane Main Street Kickoff and Wreaths Across America, which are great activities for young grandkids! 

6. Spring Valley, NV

Home to a diverse population, Spring Valley is an unincorporated town on the southwest quarter of the Las Vegas Valley that was first developed as a small, master-planned community. Today, the area covers over 33 square miles, which includes Las Vegas’ Chinatown

Located west of the Las Vegas strip, Chinatown is one of the most vibrant districts you can find in Las Vegas that offers gorgeous colorful architecture to admire, authentic Asian restaurants, markets, and many specialty shops. 

Retirees living in Spring Valley looking to stay active will also enjoy the Desert Breeze Park, a local park with over 200 acres, complete with hiking trails, a,skate park, a dog park, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, roller hockey rinks, and picnic areas.

Rooftop view of Boulder City, Nevada. The town is built into a desert landscape, with palm trees and other vegetation dotting the spaces between houses. Lake Mead and surrounding mountains are visible in the distance.

Boulder City, Nevada

7. Boulder City, NV

Situated around 25 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas and close to the Hoover Dam, Boulder City lies in a desert landscape near the popular Lake Mead, close to Henderson. With the local lake, golf courses, and variety of biking trails found in the nearby Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City is most ideal for retirees who lead more of an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. 

Some fun things for retirees living in Boulder City to partake in locally include the annual Dam Short Film Festival and Spring Jamboree — a free event that’s been held since 1977! And those who are shopping enthusiasts can always travel to nearby Henderson.

8. Enterprise, NV

What makes Enterprise one of the best towns in Nevada to retire? It’s home to some of the greatest local art and dining scenes, along with a variety of options for when you want to enjoy some time outdoors. 

For the best arts and culture experiences, head to a local performing arts venue, such as Jade Productions, Inc, or visit the Veil Pavilion. Enterprise is also home to its fair share of parks and green spaces, which include the Nevada Trails Park, Jimmy Pettyjohn Jr. Park, and Rose Park. Worked up an appetite? Be sure to check out Cafe Berlin

9. Paradise, NV

If you’re looking to get the most ideal Las Vegas experience in Nevada, then Paradise is one of the best cities in Nevada to retire. Sitting adjacent from Las Vegas, many of the Las Vegas attractions can actually be found in the city of Paradise. And the best part? It also happens to be one of the most affordable places to retire in Nevada.

Some of the most fascinating museums in the Las Vegas region can be found in Paradise, including the Pinball Hall of Fame and the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art (with free entry!), just to name a couple. And you can easily spend time enjoying local green spaces at Sunset Park, Desert Bloom Park, and Paradise-McLeod Park, as well as enjoying local dining favorites, such as Karved and Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

Aerial view of the Downtown Reno skyline. The lush green of the city is a stark contrast to the surrounding High Eastern Sierra foothills.

Reno, Nevada

10.  Reno, NV

Commonly referred to as the “Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno is another city similar to Las Vegas that offers it all for retirees who live more of an active and fun lifestyle. Some of the best casinos local to Reno include the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino and Eldorado at THE ROW, full of live entertainment, dining options, and more. 

While Reno may be most famous for its casino and entertainment scene, there are plenty of ways to get outdoors at places like Crystal Lake Park and the Reno River Festival. Crystal Lake Park features several amenities to help you get some exercise, while the Reno River Festival features fun outdoor activities for those of all ages, including concerts, food, and craft beer. 

11. Henderson, NV

Located in southern Nevada and nestled in the Mojave Desert, Henderson is a city just outside of Las Vegas with amenities for retirees that include golfing, shopping, and outdoor recreation. 

Lake Mead, which is over 100 miles long, is one of the main draws that brings in many retired residents who love outdoor recreation. Fishing, swimming, hiking, and camping are some of the most popular activities to do when visiting America’s first and largest national recreational area. 

And along with eight local golf courses, retirees get the best shopping experience at the local Galleria at Sunset, one of the largest malls in Nevada that contains over 100 stores. Residents can also check out casinos, including the M Resort Spa Casino, and explore the Henderson Farmers’ Market, which is held every week. 

12. Yerington, NV

Boasting a small-town atmosphere in a relaxed and quiet environment, Yerington is one of the best places to retire in Nevada for those who enjoy spending most of their time outdoors. But while camping and fishing on the nearby lakes and rivers are the most popular pastimes among local residents, the arts and culture scene in Yerington is another draw for its retired residents. If you’re interested in art and history, in particular, you’ll want to definitely check out Rock Chuck and the nearby Dayton Museum

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