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 A man is wearing a dust mask as he works on his attic renovation.

17 Attic Renovation Ideas That Will Make You Want To Do an Attic Remodel Right Now

Remodeling and Renovation Tips

by Kiran Bahl Posted on May 15, 2024
When you think of an attic, do you envision a cramped, dingy room used only to store extra holiday decorations or boxes filled with rarely used clutter? Or how about the perfect setting for a horror movie — that you wouldn’t dare consider “hanging out” in? It’s time to change that thinking! A usable attic can add a treasure trove of extra space to your home, not to mention increase your property value. With the right attic renovation ideas, you could have a new favorite room in your home in no time. 

In a nutshell, an attic renovation will enhance your home’s functionality. And who couldn’t use more of that? From small attic renovation ideas to larger remodels, there are so many ways to use that underestimated area. Are the wheels in your head turning yet? Take a look at these attic remodel ideas and answers to common questions about attic renovation, and see if a change in layout is right for you.

Attic Renovation Ideas and Inspiration

From hanging a projector screen to adding a guest bedroom, here are some attic remodel ideas to get those creative juices flowing. 

An attic that has been renovated into a cozy living room space with comfortable furniture and a TV. A large window is letting natural light into the room.

Bringing a cozy couch, TV, and ambient lighting into your attic can transform it into a living room you won’t want to leave. 
(Source: Stephen Munley via Unsplash)

1. Live It Up.

This attic was transformed into a comfortable, cozy living room with everything you could want for a perfect Sunday afternoon nap — including plenty of sunlight. 

An attic that's been renovated into a chic bedroom with black and white decor. Windows on either side of a corner rafter are letting natural light into the room.

Whether you need a guest room or an extra bedroom for the kids, an attic renovation can help you carve out some extra sleeping quarters.  
(Source: Antonio Caverzan via Unsplash)

2. Turn It Into a Picturesque Bedroom.

Keep it sleek and stylish but sleepy by turning your attic into another bedroom. This is great for those nights when you just need some space to yourself or want to give your guests a private room away from it all. If you have a steel attic, opt for a modern feel with metal furniture to match. If your attic is wood, keep it classic with traditional wooden pieces.

A small attic that’s been renovated into an extra kitchen space with a stove top, oven, sink, and wooden cabinets. The white walls contrast beautifully with the natural wood cabinetry.

Retrofit your attic with cabinets and a kitchenette (or even a full-sized setup!) for a lofty attic kitchen that will make your home feel so much larger. 
(Source: Beazy via Unsplash)

3. Cook Up a Lofty Meal.

An electrified attic is a perfect place for a small extra kitchen. Light snacks, tea time, and your morning coffee get a whole new feel with the low ceilings and plentiful sun pouring through the windows. 

A small attic that’s been converted into a cozy crafting corner. Natural light is pouring in from the skylight window onto the crafting table.

If you love to craft but are tired of your art supplies cluttering up your living space, get an extra desk and plenty of bins for organizing and move them to the attic for an art studio of your own. 
(Source: Unsplash)

4. Get Crafty By Converting Your Attic Into an Art Station.

For the artist out there, the tighter space of the loft can make your creative side really shine. The inherent limits of the space force you to think outside the box when it comes to organization, and that thinking can translate into your work.

An attic that’s been renovated into a home office. The natural wood rafters are left exposed against finished white walls.

An attic is ripe for transforming into a home office — just make sure to bring up a desk fan, so it doesn’t get too toasty while you work from home. 
(Source: Unsplash)

5. Transform Your Attic Into a Study or Work Space.

With some choice furniture pieces and work necessities, you can transform your attic into a perfect place to focus and churn things out. Bring up a desk, pens, paper, and whatever files you need, and you’ve got yourself your own work-from-home office right overhead. 

A recently renovated attic with white walls, new carpet, and a ceiling fan to keep the space cool.

Hot air rises, so a ceiling fan (or even some stylish space fans) are a must-have in an attic-turned-living space. 
(Source: Pinterest)

6. Add a Ceiling Fan.

Attics have a reputation for feeling stuffy (and for good reason — hot air does rise), but installing a ceiling fan can make a huge impact. Not only does it make the space look breezier, but it’ll actually get the air moving. If the electrical wiring is tricky, you can always opt for a couple of stylish space fans instead. 

 A cozy attic reading nook with colorful cushions and built-in bookshelves on the walls.

The sloped ceilings of an attic naturally lend themselves to a cozy reading nook.
(Source: Pinterest)

7. Get Cozy in a Reading Nook.

If you’ve always wanted a cushy window seat but just don’t have the space in your living room, an attic is the perfect space to add one. The sloped ceilings naturally lend themselves to a cozy reading nook that will make you want to curl up with a good book for hours on end.

A partially remodeled attic featuring newly installed wood floors.

If you want to convert the lofted space into a livable room with any ambiance, you’ll want to start by installing a walkable floor. 
(Source: Pinterest)

8. Install a Walkable Floor.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if your attic floor is all beams and insulation, installing a walkable floor is a game-changer. Sure, you don’t need one if you just want to toss some bins of holiday ornaments up there, but if you want to convert the lofted space into a livable room with any ambiance, you’ll want to start by laying down weight-bearing floorboards. 

A renovated attic with a full-sized window, wall sockets, and newly installed carpet.

Whether you’re using the attic as a guest bedroom or a living room, laying down carpet is a simple way to make the space feel inviting. 
(Source: Pinterest)

9. Lay Down Some Carpet.

Once you have a solid floor, laying down some wall-to-wall carpet or layering multiple area rugs is a high-impact way to bring lots of warmth and texture into your attic, whether you’re using it as a guest bedroom, yoga studio, or a living room. 

A finished attic with a boldly patterned wallpaper and complementary furniture in blue, green, and white hues.

A wallpaper with a fun pattern or texture can instantly transform the way your attic looks and feels. 
(Source: Pinterest)

10. Instantly Change the Space With Wallpaper.

Can’t decide on a paint color? Add pattern, texture, and instant personality to your attic with wallpaper. A linen blend wall covering can make the room feel warm and lived in, or you could opt for a bright, funky pattern for the playroom or fun-loving bedroom you’ve been dreaming of. 

 A luxury wardrobe built into the wall of a newly renovated attic.

Run out of wardrobe space in your bedroom? Install a closet system in your attic to make the walk-in closet you’ve always wanted — but never thought you had room for. 
(Source: Pinterest)

11. Make the Walk-Up Closet of Your Dreams.

If you’ve run out of closet space in your bedroom, use your attic to make a walk-in even Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous of. Though you can go the bespoke route and have a custom closet installed, it will definitely cost you a chunk of change. For a more DIY and budget-friendly attic closet, IKEA has plenty of closet solutions that you can cobble together for a system that best fits your loft. 

String lights hung up along the rafters of an attic.

Embrace mood light by stringing up lights and placing table lamps around the attic.
(Source: Pinterest)

12. Turn Off the Big Light.

Don’t fight the nooks, crannies, and odd angles of an attic by trying to install a centered chandelier or symmetrical recessed lighting. Instead, embrace mood lighting by stringing up twinkle lights, placing table lamps around the room, and using floor lamps to brighten up the corners. 

An attic bedroom with myriad houseplants placed all around the space and a skylight letting in natural light.

Calling all plant lovers: Give some of your houseplants a home in your attic. 
(Source: Pinterest)

13. Bring In the Houseplants. 

Stuffy attic? Not when the space is filled with plenty of greenery. Throw a fresh coat of sage paint on the walls and turn on all of the mood lighting to create a green, glowy attic oasis.

An attic library featuring sky lights, two couches, and an entire wall of built-in bookshelves.

Turn your attic into a library by installing some floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or lining the walls with bookcases you already own.
(Source: Pinterest)

14. Furnish It With Bookshelves.

There’s just something about sloped ceilings that make a room feel cozy. Turn your attic into your own library by installing some floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or thrifting for some antique bookcases and lining the walls with them. Since floating shelves utilize wall space (rather than taking up precious floor space), you can put this at the top of your list of small attic renovation ideas.

An attic that’s been converted into a living room with a projector screen.

Turn your attic into a mini home theater by setting up a projector and screen. Just don’t forget the popcorn!
(Source: Pinterest)

15. Install a Projector. 

If you’re looking to turn your attic into a loungey den, here’s a simple, space-saving way to do it: Set up a projector and a screen, and you have a mini home theater. Bring in a comfy couch or a handful of cushy floor pillows and you have an impactful yet small attic remodel. 

A small attic bedroom with white walls and linens features a dark green ceiling for a pop of personality.

Paint your attic ceiling a fun color to add an instant dose of personality to the space. 
(Source: Pinterest)

16. Make the Ceiling Pop.

The eyes are usually drawn up in attics. Try detailing the ceiling with a contrast paint color and shiplap or other textural styles that will make your space pop.

Several plastic storage tubs are positioned on shelves built into attic trusses.

Create useful storage space by suspending hanging racks or floating shelves from your attic trusses.
(Source: Pinterest)

17. Optimize Your Storage Solutions.

Doing an attic renovation doesn’t have to mean converting it into a living space you use all the time or getting rid of all the boxes you need to store somewhere. You can simply make some updates to optimize your storage systems, like using your attic trusses to suspend a hanging rack or floating shelving — an open design will help display clear holiday décor bins and winter clothing easily. 

You can also use built-in shelving or cabinets against walls for storage, or opt for a corner unit to fit neatly into an attic nook. Mounted wall and door hooks are nifty, too, as they can put knick knacks on full display, ready to grab and go.

Attic Renovation FAQs: What You Need To Know Before Your Attic Remodel

How Do You Know If Your Attic Can Be Converted?

That depends on what you want to do with the space. Every attic space is different, after all. For example, you can easily convert a small, narrow, or simply odd-shaped attic into a storage unit or extra closet. If you have a larger attic and are thinking of converting it into an extra room or flex space, follow the “rule of 7s.” That is, according to codes, at least half of a finished attic must be at least 7 feet high, with a minimum of 7 feet wide and 70 square feet. Using this rule of thumb can help you decide if your attic can be converted into an extra bedroom, playroom, and more.

Can All Attics Be Finished?

Finishing an attic essentially means turning that unused space in your home into usable space. Any attic, as long as it meets building codes, can be finished.

Here’s the simplest, most basic way of renovating your attic:

    1. Go ahead and do a deep clean of your attic, since it’s likely the dirtiest room of your home.
    2. Next, ensure the staircase leading to the attic is fully functional.
    3. The floor should be solid. If not, opt for simple plywood flooring or even carpeting.
    4. If your walls are still in the insulation phase, add some new rolled insulation, if desired.
    5. Add drywall to the walls, along with a couple of coats of paint.
    6. Add a bulb for lighting.
    7. Just like that, your attic is a finished space!

Important! Before starting a larger renovation, ensure your attic meets these requirements:

  • You’re following the “rule of 7s” (stated in the section above).
  • You have an emergency exit (usually a window).
  • You have a permanent, full-size staircase leading to the attic. Sorry, pull-down stairs and ladders don’t count.
  • You acquire a permit if you’re planning on knocking down walls or installing electric, plumbing, or ventilation systems.

An attic that has been partially remodeled. The drywall has been installed and the floor is covered in construction dust.

For an extra room attic renovation, you’ll need to do more than just the simple finishing steps.
(Source: Pinterest)

How Do I Redo My Attic?

An extra closet or storage space in the house can be super useful, but to make it as functional as possible, you’ll need to have a plan. Instead of piling boxes on top of boxes of seasonal items, clothes, and sentimental things in the attic for “later,” opt for some of these fun options. Go a step further by labeling sections, and you’ll always have what you need — quickly. 

For an extra room attic renovation, you’ll need to do more than just the simple finishing steps stated above. The basics are manageable, but better-quality flooring and paint will level up your space, as well as these tips:

  • Ventilation is of the utmost necessity when redoing your attic into a room. Proper insulation and cooling and heating functions should be installed correctly.
  • For a room, an operable window is important. The minimum window area must be at least 8 percent of the usable floor area, and the openable area must be a minimum of 4 percent percent. That means you’ll need at least eight square feet to provide outside access through the windows.
  • Once your space is set, use this this PODS Blog article for inspiration on how to spruce things up even more. After all, beauty is in the details!

Pro Tip: These projects, no matter how big or small of an undertaking, will need an extra temporary storage space to place things in and move back and forth. From construction materials to boxes and bins in your attic, a PODS container at your home is the perfect solution — a place to keep everything out of the way but within arms' reach. One can be delivered right to your driveway. Use it as long as you need, and when you’re done, PODS will come and pick it up. Easy breezy! 

Is an Attic Renovation Worth It?

Absolutely! An attic renovation will result in a more functional space for you and your family, regardless of how in-depth your renovation is. From an extra closet or storage unit to a whole new guest room, you’ll be utilizing this space from now on. You’ll probably even wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Does Finishing an Attic Increase the Value of Your Home?

Generally speaking, the average attic remodel cost (to turn it into a living space such as home office or bedroom) ranges from $5,000 to upwards of $80,000, depending on whether you’re simply optimizing your storage or creating a whole new living space. However, after the attic renovation, your home’s value will rise. Properly adding a room to your home will increase its square footage — your house just got bigger, even by another floor! When it’s time to sell, that investment could pay off in dividends, providing a 72 percent return on investment when you’re ready to move.

Furthermore, when it comes time to sell your home, you’re looking at a big plus from a buyer standpoint, too. Finishing unfinished space in the house is the most cost-effective way to offer what potential buyers would be looking for, especially in older neighborhoods with smaller homes. The extra space is an asset for sure.

Any renovation project can be challenging, but when thinking of attic remodeling, go for it. You’ll clean up and use previously wasted space, be it an extra closet, home office, flex space, or bedroom. Finishing your attic and renovating it into a special space is a plus all around, increasing your home’s value and your happiness, too.

A contractor uses a miter saw to cut a wood board during an attic renovation project. There’s a PODS portable storage container in the driveway behind him filled with tools and materials for the project.

A PODS portable storage container placed conveniently in your driveway is a great place to store bins, boxes, tools, and materials during your attic renovation.

Let PODS Help You With Your Attic Renovation Storage Needs

Okay, so you’ve decided to go through with your attic remodel — but now have no idea what to do with all the boxes and bins of stuff you keep up there? Call on PODS storage solutions to temporarily clear out the space and keep your things safe. And check out the PODS Blog for lots of other home and attic renovation ideas to fuel your next home project. 

Kiran Bahl is a freelance writer who loves discovering how to make something better yet simpler at the same time. She lives happily and peacefully amongst her family and enjoys dessert every day — especially after meeting a writing deadline early.

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