PODS Gypsy Moth Form

Have you filled out your gypsy moth form?

Anyone moving into or through the state of California is required to complete a gypsy moth inspection checklist.

What is Required?

If you're moving to or through California, you must complete and submit your gypsy moth checklist or hire a qualified professional to do the inspection.

When do I inspect my items?

If you’re moving between April and August, we recommend that you complete the inspection on moving day. If that’s not possible, protect the items from infestation by sealing them under a tarp or keeping them indoors or in a closed moving truck after inspection.

What do Gypsy Moth egg masses look like?

Gypsy moth egg masses are fuzzy masses that are yellow in color. Please see images below.
Gypsy Moth Eggs

What is the deadline for filling out my gypsy moth inspection checklist?

The completed PODS gypsy moth form must be submitted no later than three days prior to the date your portable storage container is scheduled to be shipped or your container will be delayed.

How do I inspect my items?

Carefully inspect all the items listed on the checklist. Don’t just check the surfaces, but the crevices as well. Also check your PODS container, and be sure to keep it closed when not actively filling it.

Destroy any egg masses you find. Scrape them off with a putty knife or similar hand tool and dispose of them in hot, soapy water, or place them in a sealed plastic bag and set it in the sun.

What happens after I submit my checklist to PODS?

Once you’ve Submitted your gypsy moth checklist to our team, you’ve done everything you need to do!

Where can I learn more?

For complete and up-to-date information on the gypsy moth visit the USDA website.
Moving Checklist

The Gypsy Moth is a destructive and invasive species

Download and complete your gypsy moth checklist to ensure PODS can deliver your container to your new home.
Complete your Gypsy Moth Form

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