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Need assistance packing & loading?

Moving and storing with PODS is more convenient and less stressful than other alternatives. Some of our customers prefer to pack, load and unload their own belongings, but you don’t need to do everything yourself. So, if you choose to utilize packing and loading services, you can contact Moving Staffers,, or Pack & Load services to get quotes and additional information, or you can select your own packing and loading provider.

PODS wants your moving and storage experience to be the very best. Whether you want to pack and load the easy stuff, and let the professionals do the rest, is entirely up to you. The choice is yours. Once your things are properly packed and ready for pick up, you lock the container and keep the only key.

Call or visit their websites.*

Moving Staffers
Moving Staffers
866-617-6503 has movers to load and unload your PODS container

*Employees of packing and loading companies listed above are not employed by PODS. Moving Staffers,, and Pack & Load are independently owned and operated companies and have no affiliation with PODS. PODS makes no warranty
as to any services provided by them.