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Frequently Asked Moving and Storage Questions

About PODS Portable Storage Containers

What are your containers made from?
Are PODS containers water-proof?
How is PODS different from other moving and storage options?
How safe will my belongings be?
How many PODS containers should I order?
I need more than one PODS container but there is not enough room in front of my home/office. Can you stagger the delivery times of additional containers?
If I can't fill an entire container, what do I do?
Will PODS load the container for me?
How long do I have to load or unload the container?
How can I order a PODS container?
How fast can I get a PODS container?
Do I have to be there when the PODS container is dropped-off or picked-up?

About Moving

How is a PODS container moved?
How does PODS prevent my contents from being damaged during the move?
I don't know yet where I'm moving. How can PODS help me?
How long will it take for my container to be delivered to my new location?
Do you pick-up and deliver on weekends?

About Storage

What is special about a PODS Storage Center?
What are PODS Storage Center hours?
What if I need to access my contents while they're in storage?

About Payment

What will it cost?
How can I make a payment?
What day is my storage rent due?
Do you prorate for unused days?
Can I change the date of when the costs hit my credit card?
Can I put some of the charge on one credit card and the rest on another?
Does PODS accept cash as a form of payment?
Does the credit card have to be in my name or in the same name as the ORDER?
How can I make a payment? What form of payment do you accept?
How do I get copies of all my bills?
How do I get my account balance?
If I cancel the order do I get my money back?
If necessary, will I be able to change my payment method later?
What day is my storage rent due?
When do I pay? When do all the costs of the move hit my credit card?

About Placement and Regulations

How much clearance do I need to place a container at my house or apartment?
Are there any restrictions for using PODS?
Will a PODS delivery damage my driveway?
Are there any winter placement restrictions?
Can I fit multiple containers in my driveway?
Do I have to be there when you deliver?
How do I find out about my local regulations?
How long can I keep my container at my location?
I want my container in a parking lot, what are the rules for that?
Is the container and my belongings safe while it is at my location?
What if I wanted a PODS container put into a parking lot?
What times do you deliver the PODS containers?
Where can I put a PODS container?
Will the PODS container do any damage to my property?

About PODS Portable Storage Containers

PODS containers are made of a steel frame with specially designed, aluminum skin panels. The top is a translucent durable polymer material that allows ambient light to pass through and illuminate the inside of the container. Plus, there is a light-weight steel roll up door.

PODS containers are weather-resistant. The construction has been designed to withstand 110 mph winds when partially filled.

PODS brings the container to you. You load and unload at your own pace. PODZILLA's innovative design keeps the contents level as the container is gently loaded and unloaded onto the delivery truck. No strenuous lifting putting your possessions into a truck. PODZILLA's advanced hydraulics simply and securely raise the PODS container with your belongings onto the PODS' truck. If needed, we store the container in one of our secure Storage Centers.

Only you have the key to your PODS container. PODS Storage Centers feature sophisticated security systems. PODS delivery trucks are equipped with a patented lift system that minimizes the shift of contents while in transit. PODS offers a content protection program.

PODS containers are designed to accommodate a typical household. Larger households will require multiple containers. In general, each 7’ PODS container (Interior: 6’6”x6’x7’6”) may accommodate 1 room, each 12’ PODS container (Interior: 11’6”x7’x7’6”) may accommodate 2-3 rooms, and each 16’ PODS container (Interior: 15’6”x7’x7’6”) may accommodate 3-4 rooms. As every household is different, the customer is responsible for assessing the container capacity for their belongings. PODS container sizes are approximate.

Yes. PODS' scheduling technology permits flexible delivery and pick-up days for convenient loading and unloading. PODS containers can be delivered and picked-up based upon the day of your moving requirement, schedule permitting.

PODS containers are designed to allow for partial household loads. There are eyehooks for tie downs every 4 feet and throughout the container that permit securing the load.

PODS can recommend companies for packing, loading, or unloading in each of our locations. Our flexible scheduling allows for adequate time to load the PODS container at your leisure. Our packing services page can provide additional details.

PODS allows you to pack your PODS container at your leisure. There are no deadlines, time pressure, you move when you are ready.

Select the "Ready to place an order!" option or contact our Sales and Service Center at 1-888-776-PODS (7637) to have your PODS container delivered to your home or place of business.

You can often get a PODS container the next day depending on availability. Our schedules can fill up quickly. We recommend that you order or schedule your container as soon as possible.

No, although we recommend that someone be present whenever possible. Our deliveries and pick-ups may occur at any time after 7:00 am local time. The customer is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate clearance and accessibility for the desired location of the container.

About Moving

PODS delivery truck is equipped with a patented hydraulic lift system, PODZILLA, designed to reduce shifting of your contents. It securely transports the PODS container to and from your location.

Our professional drivers are experts at transporting our PODS containers. The use of PODZILLA minimizes the possibility of shifting or damage. PODS offers a complete variety of packing services and supplies. PODS also offers a comprehensive content protection program.

PODS provides services in most major markets. Moving longer distances may require the movement from one secure Storage Center facility to another. PODS is the ideal solution to pack and unpack your belongings only one time and store them in our secure warehouses when needed. Most movers pack and unpack your possessions several times when moving and storing them.

Delivery time depends on a variety of factors, which include availability of delivery vehicles and the distance to the delivery location. PODS scheduling technology provides the flexibility to meet your moving needs.

PODS operates all locations 6 days per week and in some locations 7 days. We recognize the need to offer loading and unloading flexibility and we do not limit the time the PODS container can stay on your property. Local ordinances may be applicable. You may want to check with your local authorities.

About Storage

PODS Storage Centers are designed from corporate guidelines to assure the secure movement of your container from one location to another. They are secure, dry facilities that accommodate the storage of individual containers. You have the only key to your lock on your container.

In most locations, PODS Storage Center hours are between 8 am to 3 pm, 6 days per week.

You can schedule access to your container by contacting our customer service department. Access is available to our Storage Center locations typically within 24 to 48 hours, 6 days per week. There is no additional charge for this service. PODS internal container access can vary by location.

About Payment

PODS pricing is based upon delivery charges, transportation charges, and storage costs. Billing is on a monthly basis. PODS offers free quotations that are valid for 7 days. Once scheduled, the pricing and invoices are determined and posted to the account.

PODS accepts these major debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Certain locations may accept check, money order or cash for local moves. PODS' billing cycle begins on the day of initial delivery and continues to the same day the following month.

PODS storage rent is due on the day the container is delivered and continues on a monthly billing cycle thereafter until you are finished using the container. We offer all major credit cards and automatic payment. You can also access your account and make payments online.

PODS does not prorate monthly rates. We offer excellent value and will work with you when scheduling to take advantage of the billing cycle to minimize the stress in scheduling your move.

The system automatically charges your credit card. This is no way to stop this transaction.

Yes. You can call our agents for details.

Some locations will accept cash for Storage Center storage only.

You must be an authorized user of the credit card. We will need to speak to the card holder if it is not your card.

PODS accepts these major debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (Canada does not accept Discover) Certain locations may accept check, money order or cash for local moves. For Relo orders we do accept ACH payment, but it must be for the full amount (Canada does not accept ACH payment). PODS' billing cycle begins on the day of initial delivery and continues to the same day the following month.

You can access your account online to retrieve a copy of your invoices or you may call us and we can mail or fax this to you.

You can access your account online to retrieve a copy of your invoices or you may call our agents for any concerns.

Local orders - We charge the initial delivery fee and 1st month of storage up to a day in advance of delivery. We do ask that if you are going to cancel that you do so by calling PODS by 4pm EST the day before you are scheduled or a cancellation fee may be charged. When cancelling your order you must call and speak to an agent.
Long distance orders - There is no cancellation fee as long as you call before 4 pm local time the day before the initial delivery. Keep in mind your initial charge will be five business days before the initial delivery. If you call to cancel the container before the 4 pm deadline, all charges will be refunded back to you. If you cancel for any reason after this deadline, you will be refunded for all charges except for the $195.00 delivery fee, and, if delivery has already occurred, any applicable extended delivery fees. When cancelling your order you must call and speak to an agent. Email and/or voicemail notifications cannot be accepted.

You can always call an agent or use the account manager on and change your Credit Card on file.

PODS storage rent is due on the day the container is delivered and continues from the same date on a monthly billing cycle thereafter until you are finished using the container. We offer all major credit cards and automatic payment (Canada does not accept Discover or ACH as a method of payment) You can also access your account and make payments online.

Local orders - We charge the initial delivery fee and 1st month of storage up to a day in advance of delivery. All other fees are charged up to a day in advance of a scheduled move. We charge your monthly fee on the anniversary date that the container was delivered.
Relo orders - You are charged 5 business days prior to the initial delivery of your container for the 1st month of storage, all delivery fees and taxes. Then 5 business days before your container is scheduled for shipment, you will be billed the remaining balance.

About Placement and Regulations

In order to place a PODS container on your property we need a clearance of 12 feet in width and 15 feet in height with no steep inclines, low branches or wires.

PODS are permitted at most locations. If PODS is aware of regulations in your area, you will be informed at the time you place your order.

PODS uses a patented hydraulic lift system, PODZILLA, designed to position the container safely on your driveway. For new driveways check with your builder or developer before scheduling placement. We are unable to determine the integrity of any paved surface, so you should always check for existing cracks and request placement away from that area.

PODS requires at least a 14' wide area that is free from snow and ice to make a delivery. Please make sure the area around and leading up to the placement location is free from snow and ice.

Yes, most driveways that will allow for two vehicles to be placed side by side or end to end will accommodate two containers to be placed. 25 feet in width and 15 feet in height will allow for side by side placement. For end to end placement, we need 12' in width, 15' in height and 33' in length.

Delivery can be made if you are not available, just be sure you provide specific delivery instructions at the time you place your order. It is recommended that you visit our website prior to delivery to review and accept the terms and conditions of our customer rental agreements. If you are unable to do so, all applicable paperwork will be left for you inside the container.

PODS will inform you of any regulation that we are aware of. If we do not have information for your area, a quick internet search on the city website should provide you the information you are looking for.

Unless there is a specific regulation that defines the amount of time a container may be placed at your location, you may keep it for as long as you need.

While we are able to successfully place a container within a single parking space, we recommend you contact your property management to determine what the delivery requirements are.

While the container is at your location, please make sure to keep the roll up door locked when you are not accessing the container.

Parking lots: Shared parking areas require 3 consecutive parking spaces for delivery and pickup. Your container will be placed in the middle space.

Our deliveries usually begin @ 7:00 am local time and will work until all deliveries scheduled for that day are completed.

We always recommend to place the container on a paved surface, but if not available, our professional drivers will work with you to determine other placement options.

We are able to successfully place containers in most locations without resulting in damage. Please note however, that if you elect for a non-paved surface placement, there is always the possibility of some yard damage, especially if the ground is wet, or the soil is loose. In all cases, we take the utmost care to deliver your container in a fashion that minimizes the possibility of any damage.