Calculate Moving Costs and Moving Estimates | PODS

Estimate and Calculate Your Moving Costs

Getting moving quotes is a great place to start when choosing a moving company. Be careful when comparing your moving quotes, as some may only be moving estimates and many don’t include all of the extra costs that people forget about.

The seen and unseen costs of moving typically include:

  1. Truck rental
  2. Additional truck charges
    1. On average, you may pay an additional $.70 - $1.50/mile
  3. Gas
    1. On average, you may pay $.89/mile*
  4. Insurance
  5. Time spent driving a rental truck
  6. Lodging
  7. Food per day
  8. Towing your car
  9. Storage
  10. Tolls

With PODS, we are upfront with all your moving costs, so you won’t have to worry about additional expenses adding up later on.  Compare the additional moving costs above to the PODS solution below.

The PODS moving quotes that we provide to you include:

  1. We do all the driving so you don’t have to drive a truck in unfamiliar territory and worry about accidents, parking, or the truck breaking down.
  2. No additional truck charges per mile or gas charges.
  3. The flexibility to load and unload on your schedule versus one day with a rental truck plus potential late fees.
  4. Ground-level container to load your belongings, instead of climbing up a ramp dozens of times to load a truck.
  5. Storage of your container on-site or in one of our secure Storage Centers, until you’re ready for your belongings.