Hurricane Update

Last Updated: 09/16/18 5:00 PM EST

The following PODS locations have made it through Hurricane Florence with no significant damage of any kind, and we plan to resume deliveries and pick-ups for these areas on Monday, September 17.

North Carolina:
Asheville, Charlotte, Western Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh

South Carolina:
Charleston, Columbia

Roanoke, Virginia Beach

The following locations are scheduled to resume deliveries and pick-ups on Tuesday, September 18.

North Carolina:
Eastern NC – Greenville

South Carolina:
Myrtle Beach/Wilmington

The following PODS location has made it through Hurricane Florence with no significant damage at this time. However, as there is still the possibility of flooding in the area, deliveries and pick-ups are still temporarily suspended. We will update customers once we have resumed service for the area.

North Carolina:

We will continue to revise this page as we receive updates. As always, we value your business, appreciate your patience, and thank you for your understanding during this time.

Please Note:

  • - Evacuated areas: Please note that PODS will be unable to perform any services in evacuated areas until the evacuation orders have been lifted and those areas are deemed safe to return to.
  • - Long-distance moving customers moving into or out of any of the areas listed above may be temporarily delayed due to the hurricane. We will be sure to contact affected customers as soon as we are able to resume service.

Other Questions and Answers:

Q:  Are my belongings covered by my Contents Protection Option in the case of a hurricane?
A:  In some but not in all instances. Please review the applicable terms and conditions of the Contents Protection Option.

Q:  Are my belongings safe from a hurricane in a PODS Container?
A:  While PODS containers are weather resistant, they are not waterproof. As a precautionary measure, we recommend removing items that could be damaged by water or flooding resulting from high tides, rivers, street flooding, or high winds with rain.