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Step 3: Container Delivery

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Here comes your PODS container!

We’ll send an email the evening before your scheduled delivery date. It will give you a 3-hour delivery window for the following day. Your PODS driver will also call when they are en route. It’s not necessary to be present for your container delivery, but if you’re unsure about where you want it placed, you should be there to discuss your options with the driver.
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Let us know if your information is correct

A week or so before your container is delivered, it’s a good idea to verify your address, contact information, and service dates, as well as to confirm your container’s placement details.
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Do you have all the necessary permits?

If a permit is required for your container, it should be available to present to your PODS driver upon container delivery, or sent to your PODS Customer Care Associate beforehand.
PODZILLA Container placement clearance

Relax and enjoy PODZILLA® in action

When your container arrives, your PODS driver will use PODZILLA, our patented level-lift system, to carefully move it into position. PODZILLA’s maneuverability and our containers’ roll-top doors allow for lots of placement options! It’s important to remember that PODZILLA and our trucks require a flat surface free of obstructions, with clearances of 12' wide X 15' high X 40' long in order to deliver your container. So don’t forget to move your car if it’s in the way.

If you have any concerns or specific delivery constraints, call PODS Customer Care at (855) 706-4758.

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Got multiple containers? Here's a tip.

We can deliver multiple containers on the same day if you have enough space, or stagger them in stages to help you stay better organized and less stressed. Your first container can hold your less frequently used items such as attic items and guest room furniture, and your last container could hold your most essential items that you’ll be using all the way up to moving day, such as kitchen items. Don’t forget to keep a list of what you put in each container and mark down each container’s unique number.
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You're ready to start loading

Once PODZILLA has finished the job, you’re all set. You now have a sturdy, steel-framed, weather-resistant PODS container ready to be loaded. And in case you were wondering, our commitment to great customer service is unconditional, so our drivers never expect a tip.

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