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Storage WarehouseDon’t make the process of storing your belongings more complicated than it needs to be. Rather than renting a moving truck and driving it to your storage facility to unload it, use a PODS portable storage container. You only have to load it once, and we do all the driving for you.

Reclaim Your Space

When you’ve had enough of the clutter in your Winston-Salem home, you can use a PODS storage container to assist with organization. We will store everything in our facility, until you’re ready for it to be delivered again. If you want to keep it close, you also have the option to store the container on your property. From Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween décor to furniture you’re saving for the kids, we can help store whatever you need to keep your house clean and uncluttered.

We Do the Driving

One thing that separates PODS from the traditional storage approach is that we handle the driving for you. This means there’s no hassle of renting a large truck, loading your belongings, driving to your storage facility, unloading the truck, and driving back to return the truck.

Maximize Your Office Space

Don’t waste precious High Point office space with document archives, holiday decor, or seasonal promotional materials. It’s easy for these things to pile up and take space in your office, but it’s even easier to get rid of the clutter with a PODS storage container. Load all the items up, and when you’re ready, we’ll take the container back to our storage facility. When you need the items, we’ll deliver it to you again. If you want, you can even leave it on your property.

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