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Storage WarehousePODS in Birmingham has a secure, on-site storage facility that keeps your portable storage container secure and protected from outdoor elements. We also offer front door delivery and no deadlines for packing. Storing your belongings just got easier.

Storing Clutter & Getting Organized

Getting rid of the clutter in your home or office helps to kick off a new start, but it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything. When it’s time to organize your space and de-clutter, try one of our portable storage containers to help offload some of the load.

Staging a Home For The Big Sell

A house that shows well, typically sells faster and brings in big profit. Try using a PODS portable storage container to get your home organized and de-cluttered. When you’re done, we’ll haul off the container so that your house shows its best side for the big sell date.

Remodeling & Construction

One of the worst things about remodeling your home, or going through a new construction is all the dust that’s created. If you don’t take the appropriate precautions beforehand, that dust can really damage your furniture, electronics and other personal belongings. Think ahead, storing everything in one of our portable containers not only saves everything from dust, but also saves you time from cleaning when the construction is over.

Outside Warehouse

Finding Extra Space in the Office By Using Storage

There are many things in the office that take up space, but a lot of times it’s things that are only used once or twice a year, like documents, seasonal items and special events materials. There’s no reason to hold on to it, and you can free up space if you offload the load in a storage container. Don’t worry, our facilities are safe and secure, so everything will be protected until that special time of year rolls around again.


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