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A man and a woman are smiling and posing for a picture in front of the “Keep Portland Weird” mural in Portland, Oregon. The man is wearing a hat and holding a professional camera.
Distant view of the city of Portland, Oregon, during sunset with Mount Hood in the distance and lush, green trees in the foreground.
Aerial view of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on a lovely summer day. You can see Lake Michigan in the distance.
The state flag of Massachusetts is waving in the wind at the top of a flag pole. There are low-lying mountains in the distance and the sun is setting, causing bright light to shine through the white fabric of the flag.
The lights of cars moving in and out of Seattle stream across the freeway as the sun sets behind the Seattle skyline.
A father and his young son are standing in front of their open PODS portable moving container in the driveway. It’s fully packed with moving boxes and furniture. The boy is pulling a red wagon with some sports gear in it.