Author: Katlynn Mullins

A newly remodeled, bright, white kitchen pantry, well stocked with an assortment of food and household supplies.
View of the Austin city skyline on a sunny day with the Texas state flag waving in the foreground. The overlaid text reads “According to 2022 PODS moving data, Texas has been the second-most moved-to state in the U.S., only behind Florida.”
A friendly PODS driver stands in front of his truck with his arms crossed over his chest.
A man using a jackhammer to bust up an interior wall during home renovations.
A father and son sit in front of a picture window of a cabin, gazing at a beautiful forest view outside.
A hiker dressed in a red jacket and blue hat, looking out at Denali Mountain in Alaska. Overlaid text reads, “Oh, the places you’ll go! - Dr. Seuss.”
A PODS employee uses a forklift to stack PODS moving and storage containers within a secure PODS storage center.