Overstuffed closets and drawers? Piles of clothes laying around your room? It’s time to Marie Kondo it up and declutter! Of course, for some things, it’ll be easy to decide whether to keep or toss them, but for others? Not so much. Don’t worry, though. If you’re wondering how to decide what to keep when decluttering, read on. This quiz will have you saying “keep,” “toss,” and “store” without hesitation in no time!

Easier said than done? Here’s a sneak peek at our decision-making process:

Q: How do you decide to keep or get rid of something?
A: You need to ask yourself key questions about each item to decide if it deserves to take up precious real estate in your closet or if it should just take a hike. Some things to consider are if you wear it often, if you feel comfortable in it, and if it’s still in good shape (moth holes, anyone?).

Let’s get quizzin’!

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