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Declutter Your Home and Get Organized

PODS is a smarter way to help you sell your home – and, after the sale, move to your new home. Firstly, a PODS storage container can help you clear and declutter your home, so prospective buyers see more of the house they are looking to buy and less of your personal items. Decluttering also helps to sell your home sell faster and for more money.

Next, PODS can move your storage container with the rest of your belongings directly to your new home with no unpacking, repacking or driving a hire van. A PODS® storage container is a perfect solution for organising your home while you prepare to sell. If you decide you’d like some help decluttering, PODS can arrange for a professional removal team to pack and load the container for you.

Our process is simple: We deliver a container, you fill it up, then keep the container on-site or at our secure storage centre. After you have sold your home, PODS can deliver the container direct to your new home where you can take as long as you like to unpack.

With PODS, you have the convenience and flexibility to organise your home on your schedule.


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