Benefits of PODS Storage Containers | PODS

Benefits of the PODS® Storage Container

You want convenient storage. You need PODS.

  • We deliver a PODS container to you so you can pack it and unpack it at your own pace.
  • PODS containers can be stored at your location for easy access. Or, they can be stored in one of our dry and secure Storage Centers.whclevelandrnd4

Flexibility that works for you.

  • PODS storage containers come in 3 sizes: 8x7x7, 8x8x12, and 8x8x16 (sizes are approximate).
  • You can store your container for a few weeks or a few years.
  • Containers can be delivered next day for loading.

Security and protection for a worry-free storage experience

  • You have the only key to your PODS storage container unit so you can be sure your belongings are safe.
  • PODS containers are weather resistant and have been tested to withstand a wind velocity of up to 110 miles per hour when partially filled.
  • PODS delivery trucks are equipped with a patented lift system that minimizes the shift of contents while in transit to one of our Storage Center facilities.