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One Stop Shop for Logistics

We put all the pieces together and cover all the bases for for Transportation, Portable Storage and Warehousing.

PODS can help you solve complex logistical problems. Enable new business models. Pursue competitive strategies. Compress your project timelines. Stop thinking about your business needs in pieces, and put them all together in ways that delight your customers and innovate your business!

Our unique approach to solving problems uses our 5 core PODS system elements:

  • PODS® Secure Mobile Storage Containers
  • PODZILLA® Proprietary Level-Load Lift System
  • Local Truck Fleets and National Transportation Hubs
  • Local Climate-Controlled Storage Centers
  • PODS Business Central Account Team with Single Point of Contact

PODS Delivery Truck

PODZILLA Lift System

PODS® containers are moved via our patented Podzilla® detachable lift system. This amazing detached delivery system allows placement of containers in tough-to-reach and hard-to-fit locations that roll-off systems can’t match. With Podzilla, loaded containers can be easily repositioned, to a different location at a job or project site – or moved to the next job.

Podzilla keeps the container level to minimize shifting of contents during delivery and transport. The Podzilla lift system is mounted onto a local PODS delivery truck that can carry any size PODS container, and is operated by local PODS drivers who are specially trained to operate the Podzilla system and protect the contents of your PODS containers.

PODS® Storage Centers: Secure and Accessible

PODS can warehouse your locked containers in a nearby, secure Storage Center. Our unique combination of containerized storage and appointment-only access reduces the potential for theft or damage compared to shared-access warehouses or walk-up self-storage.

With locations in 48 states, PODS can move your container almost anywhere it needs it to go.

Your Local Contact in Southern California

Raul Vergel de Dios
Sales Manager
Call 714-348-9937
email rvergeldedios@pods.com

Raul Vergel De Dios

Call (631) 334-8587
Email rvergeldedios.com