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PODS City Service

An innovative solution to transportation and storage in New York City

PODS City Service is a unique moving and storage service offered for residents and businesses living and working in New York City.

How it works: PODS will deliver a container to your location in the Metro New York Area, allowing you time to load and unload your container. When you’re finished, we’ll drive it back to our local secure Storage Center until you need it again.

Imagine no more renting trucks, no more double loading and unloading, and a stress free moving and storage experience.

Areas Served: New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island or Nassau County Residence or Businesses

Why City Service

  • No driving large trucks down narrow city streets.
  • Driver remains with the truck and your contents.
  • No truck rental hassles or storage center searches.
  • No double handling. Load and unload once.
  • You lock the container and keep the only key.

Moving Across Town or Country

With locations in 48 states. PODS can move your container almost anywhere it needs it to go.

Reduced Risk
Your PODS driver guards the truck the entire time defending against tickets, intruders, and other threats.

City Experience
Our team of local drivers knows your local roads and regulations, which keeps surprises at bay.

Loading System and Container
Our secure, level-load lift system, operated by PODS certified drivers, enables you to load and unload on a level surface for ease and convenience.

Not ready to move in, no problem. No need to worry about finding a Westside storage center. We can store your container until you’re ready for it.

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